How to Reduce Knee Pain in Elders

How to Reduce Knee Pain in Elders

There are two types of knee pain – temporary, and chronic. The temporary pain is normally not something to be worried about, other than to rest the joint and take some measures to ensure that it is not injured further. Chronic pain is more difficult to handle, and requires the intervention of a doctor. Even if you find that there is nothing to be done about the underlying condition, there is a lot to be done in the region of pain management, from using painkillers to any other form of pain reduction.


While it may seem an odd choice, exercise is one of the best ways to combat knee pain out there. One of the most common causes of knee pain is osteoarthritis, a wearing away of the cartilage around a joint, which can be slowed down by exercising. As well as slowing down the encroaching effects of osteoarthritis, exercise helps knee pain by strengthening the muscles around the knees, which makes them stronger and more resistant to pain in the first place.People who are trying to use exercise for knee pain should look for some form which of exercise which can be done in the water, as water takes some strain off joints, lessening the risk of injury.

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Not everyone has the same needs and abilities when it comes to exercise and knee pain, so a lot of people have physio appointments, where a professional works with them to give them the best exercises and motions for them and their pain, to ensure the best possible recovery. Physio runs the gamut from being very light and mild, to being intense and ongoing, depending on what each individual patient needs.

Weight Loss

A body weight which is over the normal limits for a person’s height and age is something which can lead to knee pain, and while this is often a humiliating realisation, it is also a good one, as weight is one of the issues which is most easily changed.

Losing weight is a matter of combining exercise (which has already been discussed) with a good diet. Finding the best combination of these for each individual person will lead to weight loss, which will then lead to less knee pain, because of less pain on the joint.

Pain Management

As well as the more usual forms of pain management which are available, there are a number of alternatives. Recent research has shown that acupuncture might be useful in reducing certaintypes of pain, while massage has also been shown to work well for people. Creams and ointments which contain pain-reducing ingredients are particularly useful for people with knee pain, as the knee is difficult to reach using more conventional means – the cream can be put directly on the pain.


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