What Effect Does Your Home Have On Your Personality?

What Effect Does Your Home Have On Your Personality


What affects your personality on a daily basis? Could it be your mood? Your diet? How well you slept? How well your life is going in general? All of these should be answered with ‘yes.’ Our personalities, moods and general thoughts are more outsourced than we ever give credit for. Of course, we are responsible for our thoughts, but they are often much more informed by our environment than we know, as the environment is of course part of ourselves and our identity. We couldn’t exist without it, so we know this is true.

This means that your home space also affects your personality to a degree you might be unaware of. We’re here to explore these themes, and hopefully help you improve the things which might be getting you down, or maintain the things you love and make you feel wholesome.

Check out our advice below:


Lighting helps us stay awake. It allows for us to feel alert, aware and comfortable in our environment. If viewing a screen, it can help our eyes adjust to the light better, or it can help us read more effectively without straining our vision. It also helps how the space feels. A dark environment can feel oppressive, even if the room we’re in is very sizeable. Conversely, a small room can be helped tremendously by great lighting. This is why properties with good natural lighting are considered so wonderful. We love and need light as humans, meaning properties which have this in abundance are obviously inviting and magnetizing.


Space functions in almost the same way as light, but of course it also has a physical limitation or freedom. If you have a tiny room, you are likely to feel oppressed when inhabiting it. If the room is too large, it might feel less inviting and generally comfortable. The ancient tradition of ‘feng shui’ isn’t as much of a mystical art as a practical wisdom. The objects in our home have a flow to them, much like a painting will draw the eye to a particular way of viewing it, a room can be read in terms of manoeuvrable space.

You can also use tricks to change this. For example, small rooms can benefit greatly from good lighting, air filtering and a mirror on the wall. This can make a room seem twice the size it actually is. An overly spacious room can become much more comfortable when decoration well using a service such as worldofrenovation.com.au. Consider the utility of your room, and you may be able to manoeuvre your furnishings to create artificial dividers, or free up much more space than before. Your feeling will guide you more than any other stimulus.


Colour is of course important from a lighting perspective. We needn’t explain that further. However, colours can also have powerful effects on our general emotions. Lighter and airier colours can seem open, warming and friendly, while oppressive or fragmented colour patterns can seem chaotic. Sometimes, this can work in your favour, such as painting one wall orange to highlight the orange furniture trimmings in your space. It all depends on taste and uniformity in the room you occupy.

In conclusion, your home is the basis for your life. If you start the day in a drab environment, you’re sure to slowly mould that feeling to your personality. If you feel open, free and expressive, it’s likely that your home shares the same characteristics. So, in essence, we are our homes. They are extensions of us. This makes your need to develop it (much like you’d cut your hair or paint your nails,) that much more important.


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