Can MCT Oil Application Add Impetus To The Weight Loss Process?

Can MCT Oil Application Add Impetus To The Weight Loss Process apple and scale

Did you know that there exists one secret fat, which can act as the nemesis of all those stubborn double chins and stomach tyres which you have been fighting hard to win over for ages! Yes, you heard that right, medium chain triglycerides or MCT oil supplement pass on straight in to our liver in stark contrast to longer-chain fatty acids. Then they get broken down rapidly and absorbed by our body courtesy its shorter chain length. MCT, which bears an odourless and translucent stature at room temperature, comprises primarily of capricand caprylicfatty acids. Occurring abundantly in natural produces like that of coconut oil, dairy products and Palm kernel oil, Does MCT Oil Break A Fast have gained immense popularity as a commendable source by adding calories in to infant formulas. Bodybuilders, athletes and diet gurus seem to be in complete awe of this phenomenal oil having miraculous energy sustaining and fat burning powers. Amidst this entire ruckus, you must have surely wondered why experts are vouching for MCT Oil as the next big thing in the field of fat burning. Read on to know exactly how MCTs help in the weight loss drill.

  • Compared to LCT’s, the calorie supply of MCTs is 10% less.
  • MCT is more likely to get stored as body fat since it is absorbed and used much more rapidly compared to LCTs.
  • Leptin and YY hormones are known to create a feeling of fullness by reducing appetite. The production of both these hormones increase manifold on the usage of MCT oil compared to its LCT counterpart.
  • A diet rich in MCT aids in greater fat burning, but once our body adapts to the same on passage of 2-3 weeks, such effects might disappear. This is known as thermogenic effect and increases the amount of calories burned with fewer storage of the same as fat.
  • Health experts are often seen advocating ketogenic and low-carb diets as an effective weight loss mechanism. It is imperative to know that ketones are produced on consuming MCT oil and adding the same to our diet can hike up our maximum curb consumption limit during ketosis.

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70% of our body consists of water and fat as we all know is not the best solution to mix with the same. Thus, our body needs to undertake the elaborate digestive process for metabolizing fats. LCTs generate little droplets of fat termed as micelles which is dissolved with the aid of bile produced by our gall bladder. Protein carrier molecules are produced by the intestinal cells for transportation of the triglycerides which are then released into the lymphatic system from the intestine. Chylomicrons reach our bloodstream, eventually via the thoracic duct. Fat molecules are absorbed by our fat cells with the help of insulin components. Health experts have revealed that MCT oil having smaller molecular structure gets absorbed easily into our blood stream and can thus circumvent the digestion process which LCT fats have to go through. They are also less likely to being stored in our fat cells as they serve as a quick energy store in our body. As MCT Oil gets metabolized inside our anatomy, it starts behaving more like that of a carbohydrate. So what are you waiting for, incorporate the best MCT oil on the market in your diet and say hello to a healthier you.


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