What You Must Know to Organise a Fun Boat Party for Any Occasion!

What You Must Know to Organise a Fun Boat Party for Any Occasion!

Boat parties are trendy and quite popular in cities with a river nearby. They can be handy for various reasons, like throwing theme-based parties, corporate parties, get-togethers, or birthday parties. If you’re looking for Toronto boat rental services, for an easy search, use TheBoatLink to find different boats, experiences, and locations that fit any plan. No matter whatever is the occasion, a boat party will always add to the fun. However, there is some vital information which you need to be aware of before you throw a boat party. In this article, you will learn about some such necessities which you need to watch out for when you organise a boat party.

1. Size of your group is vital

When you are booking a boat for a party, make sure that it fits the size of the guests who are coming on the boat. Different boats can withstand different numbers of people; some vessels can perfectly accommodate 50 people while some are perfect for a group of 200 people. So, ascertain that your guest list early on so that you can book the right boat. You will not have any option for extra space like you would have in a traditional party venue like a banquet hall, and too many people on a small boat can cause it to topple over and create sort of an accident. Avoid the possibility of such situations and have an estimate of the number of people coming beforehand.

  1. Know your guests properly

You should consider special requirements for your guests before you organise a boat party. Check to see if you have any children coming or people with disabilities like problems in vision, or hearing. Guests who have mobility problems will need to have options to help them navigate themselves easily on your boat.

  1. Get a total estimate of the expenses involved

When you are in the planning process for the boat party, it will be quite prudent of you to get a complete estimate of the price which you are likely to incur. Make sure there are no hidden costs involved anywhere. Check the best rates for the foods and drinks from the caterers. The cost of the decorations from the decorators has to be decided upon. Also if there are any entertainers, then you must know their rates, because they can charge more when performing on water rather than what they do for performances on land.  Having a proper cost estimate helps to keep your planning more organised.

  1. Timing of the party

Make sure you let people know the right time by which they would have to arrive on the boat before you set sail. You do not want anyone to miss the boat and the party. So the guests have to be specified about the timing. You can organise pickups from specific locations to your boat. The guests can all congregate in that place, and from there you can bring them to your boat via a shuttle service.

If you are wondering how to set up your next party, then I would suggest you opt for boat party London. No matter whatever is the reason for your party, it can be the best idea ever!


Boat parties are fun and exciting. However, they also require caution and preparation. You must keep the information mentioned above handy before you organise boat party to ensure that it goes smoothly.


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