Lighting Your Parking Lot? Here Are Factors That You Need to Consider

Lighting Your Parking Lot? Here Are Factors That You Need to Consider

Pulling into a poorly lit parking lot is devastating. However, a parking lot with adequate lighting makes it easy not only for the drivers but also the pedestrians to navigate the place. Better yet, it promotes security in the lot and reduces the occurrence of accidents. Many a time, the reason for ending up with an improperly lit parking lot is lack of planning and consideration of some of the essential factors before installing a system.

Technical support

What you want to ensure is that you are using the right workforce right from planning to the installation of the lighting in your parking lot. Qualified electrical engineers will mostly begin with an audit of the space after which they will design the best lighting pattern before installation. Also, you want to use competent and experienced electricians with a clear record of excellent work done.

If finding the right company to handle the lighting of your parking lot is more difficult than you thought, always seek recommendations from people you know. Better yet, research on the available local companies and check the reviews. You want to ensure that you get in touch with a few people who used their services to understand how they operate and treat their customers.

The structure

When thinking about the structure of the parking lot lighting, you want to have a definition of the lampposts or poles including the lighting you want to use. Aim to use durable and strong poles that will last for long. There is no doubt you should consider installing LED lights. Among the advantages they come with is that you will no longer have insects swarming around the lights. What’s more, they are durable, produce controllable light and are incredibly energy efficient.  Proper arrangement of the lights will enhance the visibility in the parking lot.

Light design

The design you will use in lighting up your space will depend on its size. Your technical support should handle this. The professionals consider a number of factors when coming up with the design to adequately light up every part of your parking lot. It is worth noting that adequate lighting does not imply that the lot should be brightly lit – this may cause light pollution.

You will know that it is pollution when the lights are grouped producing excessively bright light, when the light is trespassing to areas it is not needed, or when the sky is brightened due to the lighting in your parking lot.

Energy conservation

There is always the need to cut your energy consumption and if there is any way that you can achieve that, then you should consider it. One way of ensuring that you are energy efficient is using solar parking lot lighting. Besides contributing to the conservation of the ecosystem, using solar energy comes with many other benefits. The installation is rather simple and quick, it is reliable in the sense that your parking lot will still be lit even during power outages, and the operation costs are considerably low.


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