Who to Turn to When Dealing with Chronic Illness

Who to Turn to When Dealing with Chronic Illness

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Chronic illnesses do not discriminate with who they strike: they can and do strike anybody, no matter how old and no matter how healthy they are. And, if you or somebody close to you are ever unfortunate enough to be struck with such an illness, then you simply have to fight it. And, the best way to fight it is to turn to people and services who be able to help. To see who these people and services are, make sure to read on.

Your friends and family

First and foremost, your friends and family are always the ones that you should to turn when you or somebody close to you is dealing with a chronic illness. Whether this means just asking for a lift to the hospital or the doctors surgery every now and again. Whether this means asking if they can help with your weekly shopping. Or whether this means being more hands on and actively helping with the battle against the chronic illness. Whatever you ask your friends and family to do, just don’t be afraid to ask them.

Social workers

Social workers are a great source of help to turn to when dealing with a chronic illness. What they would do to help you is act almost as an advocate for you as you try to circumvent the health system — they would take it upon themselves to guide in the right direction when it comes to getting the treatment you need and deserve. What’s more, they will be able to offer you hands on and comforting advice in your own home when it comes to anything you might need to know or just generally need in regards to your illness.

Palliative carers

Sometimes, it’s not about necessarily doing things to actively fight the chronic illness and condition you are facing. No, sometimes it’s just about relieving the pain that the chronic illness is causing, whether this be physical pain or mental pain. Yes, sometimes it’s about doing more than focussing your efforts on curing yourself of your mind, sometimes it’s about curing your body and your mind, even if only for the short term, in order to make yourself feel better. When it comes to seeking palliative care, make sure to turn to a health provider such as Spectrum, who can be found at https://spectrumhealthcare.com/SAIPC. By doing so you would be able to be sure that you’d get the very best palliative, reliving and soothing care there is.

The HR department

The Human Resources department at your place of work should be on your list of people to turn to when you are diagnosed with a chronic illness. Why? Because they will be able to guide you through what you are to do next in regards to your ability to work and ability to continue being paid. And, whether you have to badger them for this information or just simply ask them for it, make sure you are in contact with them.

So, as you can see, there are many people and services out there that you can turn to when dealing with a chronic illness. And, don’t be afraid to continue asking for help when you are getting back into the swing of things after you’ve beaten the illness, too.


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