What Home Improvement Projects Will Best Improve Your Home’s Overall Value?

Home Improvement Projects Will Best Improve Your Home's Overall Value

If you are thinking of doing improvements to add value to your home, then talk to companies like Karkanja. They are experts in the field of fix and flip of properties. The first thing to do would be to spend some time doing research on the internet reading blogs and flipping through some interior decoration magazines. Walk around your property and study the probable improvements you could make; such painting, repairs and replacements. Study the properties around you and think of what is a perfect home in your mind. Then enlist the changes you would like to make to your property.

Initial groundwork

After you have made a mental picture of how you will go about the improvements do some research into the costs. Study the yellow pages, talk to the professionals such as realtors and interior decorators. Get their estimates and draw up a budget. After you have been interviewing some realtors and decorators invite them home for a walkthrough. Discuss your plans and get their inputs.

Some designers charge a standard hourly fee of $100 per hour. They can give you a lot of ideas for the improvement project. You could also use them as a sounding board for the ideas you researched from the social network pages, websites and periodicals.

Home Improvement Projects Will Best Improve Your Home's Overall Value wallet

Draw up a budget

After you have gone around the property with the realtor and designer to discuss the changes and estimates. Take some time to shortlist the ones you would like to make on your property. Discuss these changes with the other inhabitants of the house for inputs. Usually the realtor and designer have an in-house contractor who do these home improvements. Revise the changes and the budget with the people involved in the project.

A stitch in time saves nine

Not all improvement is cosmetic, and you cannot handle everything like a DIY project. Termite infestation, deteriorating roof, cracked walls, modernizing of the electrical systems; all these require hiring professionals. Check these areas of your home, as there may be hidden problems such as leaks, cracked pipes. Handle these small problems as they can become big if not handled on time. Call in the plumber, exterminator, etc, regularly to check your home. The contractor may be able to suggest some of these professionals; if not, then go back to the yellow pages to find help.

Home Improvement Projects Will Best Improve Your Home's Overall Value paintbrush

Paint job

After you have secured the structural integrity and safety of your home consider painting it. There are very useful paints in the market nowadays for the exterior and interior of the home. This is because the paint on the exterior of the house not only needs to look good but also last long. They may be Teflon and silicone-coated to weather-proof your home, prevent leaks and stains.

Similarly, a fresh coat of paint on the inner walls bring a fresh, clean and updated look to the home. This is also the most cost-effective way of home improvement as a gallon of paint costs $25 approximately. The brushes, rollers and tapes should cost you less than $100.

Devices to cut energy costs

Another way to improve the value of your home is to reduce the energy costs. Ensure that it remains cool in warm months and warm in winter months. One way to achieve this is to grow trees and plants around the house. The trees and bushes ward off chilly winds while the transpiration in the warm months keeps the grove cooler.

Do an energy audit of how much energy is used in your home daily, monthly and yearly. This will give you a break down on what activities consume more energy and seek solutions to reduce the consumption. You could also use devices like solar panels for generating electricity and heating water. Check your electrical system and use LED bulbs to reduce the energy bill.

In conclusion, from our studies, we have learned that a well-maintained estate with a simple, yet elegant landscape adds to its value. You could improve the visual appeal of your estate further with DIY projects such as adding accents, recycling tyres for planters, use large leaves to make concrete stepping stones, etc. This will not only make your home a canvas to express your personality but improve its value, too.


Elena is a lifestyle and property writer based in Malta. She writes a personal blog – elenatahora.com where she offers expert advice on how to improve the value of your home. When she is not writing she explores the islands. This pastime contributes a great deal to her research that she shares in her writing.


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