How Can I Stop My Fluorescent Lights From Buzzing?

How Can I Stop My Fluorescent Lights From Buzzing?

Fluorescent lights may seem like old technology but they are still used in abundance. You may have them at home or find them in your office or any commercial premises. They are generally effective at lighting large areas but you will notice that they hum.

When you are used to a light which doesn’t hum this can be very disconcerting. Fortunately there are two ways of fixing this. The first is to call your local Sydney electrical services that will take care of everything for you.

The second is to attempt these steps:

Cut Power

The first step is to turn the light switch, if this will shut off power to your light completely. You will need to make sure no one can turn it back on while you are working on the light.

It is safer to turn off the main beaker for the lighting circuit.

Take the Light Apart

The outer cover should pop out of place and the fluorescent tubes can be removed by turning them and pushing against the other end of the light. They should come out easily.

Keep these safe, you’ll need to re-use them.

Then unscrew the cover behind the bulbs. This should have either two clips o two screws and then come easily away.

Remove the Ballast

 Inside the cover you will see a heavy metal block which has wires attached to it. Disconnect all these wires and remove the ballast. It should be screwed into place.

If you can’t unscrew these wires then you can cut them as close to the ballast as possible. You may find it an idea to take a picture of the wires first to ensure you know where each one goes.

Replace the Ballast

You can now look at the ballast for any specific codes and visit your local electrical store to get a replacement one. It is important to know the wattage of your light, the number of tubes the light has and take the picture of the ballast wiring with you.

Once you have located a suitable replacement you can screw it back into your light fitting and reconnect the wires according to the instructions which come with your ballast.

Do not assume they are in the same order as the old ballast but the picture you have taken will help you to locate the right wire for each connection.

Once you are satisfied that the wires are correctly connected and secure you can replace the cover and clip or screw it back into place.

Then carefully replace the tubes and the cover of your fluorescent light.

Finally you can turn the power back on and test the light. It should have stopped humming and you can continue what you were doing in peace.

If you have any doubts or continuing issues then you will need to refer to a professional electrician who will be able to carry out further tests for you.

Just remember to always turn the power off in order to stay safe while doing this procedure.


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