Gas Saving Tips for the Cheapest Road Trip

Gas Saving Tips for the Cheapest Road Trip

Gas prices are definitely higher than we were used to, but the world-wide economy doesn’t seem to “get better” anytime soon, so we have to do our best to find ways to keep up traveling. Road trips are one of the American traditions, so instead of staying home, you can embrace some strategies to save on the gas money and travel as long as possible with your car.

Drive smart

We’ve all heard about special driving techniques which should minimize the gas consumption, but not all of them work. However, smart driving is a way to lower the cost for gas. First, driving at 55mph or around it, is going to boost the mileage on any car, be it a big Chevrolet Colorado or an Audi R8. Avoiding full stops as much as possible is also going to conserve the gas load. Accelerating after a full stop needs more fuel than a smooth transition without a stop.

Use the AC, as new studies show that new cars actually use less fuel when the AC is on. Most AC systems are now a lot more economic than they used to be, so don’t endure a hot day with the windows down. Speaking of hot, driving when the temperature is high decreases mileage. Choose to drive early in the morning or late in the evening, when the air is cooler.

Use two GPS systems

A GPS can help you stay on track, but use two GPS to make sure you drive on the cheapest route. Different gadgets use different algorithms to calculate the route and some can give you the shortest route to a specific destination. However, you want to know the type of road on that route, as driving on a dirt road is going to empty your fuel tank faster.

Use gas-saving apps

We are always tapping on our smartphones, so why not tap to save some gas? There are many helpful apps out there, which can help you save money or even earn money by reporting gas prices. Try out apps like Gas Buddy and Fuel Frog, until you find the one that suits you best.

Keep up with the visits at the mechanic

Many people only visit the mechanic when the car is already broken. Just like you go to the doctor when you are already ill. But taking the car to the mechanic on regular basis can help you save money. First, you will know about potential issues which may rise in the future, before they become expensive surprises. Second, replacing fuel filters and ensuring the tires have the right PSI boost your mileage.

Less luggage, more mileage

Packing light can save you gas money, obviously. A heavy car is going to use more fuel than a light one. Also, try to keep the baggage inside the car, as adding them on the roof can decrease the mileage, unless you have a special baggage roof compartment, which are usually designed to be aerodynamic.

Refill when the price is low

Don’t wait until you need to refill the gas tank – refill it when you see the gas prices are lower. For example, on holidays the prices sore. Fuel can be more expensive during weekends, as well.


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