How to Use Marble in Your Outdoor Bathroom

How to Use Marble in Your Outdoor Bathroom

What exactly is an outdoor bathroom? By definition, an outdoor bathroom is partially or fully detached from the main house. It may or may not have a roof, and at least one of its sides opens out into the yard. Outdoor bathrooms are popular in beach towns, tropical regions, and holiday resorts. They offer ventilation, air circulation, and a beautiful view.

The reason outdoor bathrooms are so popular in humid areas is because they reduce the heavy, musty atmosphere. As is, bathrooms get misty and dank with water vapour. If you live in an area where the outdoors are equally musty, you can bring more relaxation to your bath by using partially open ‘walls’ that let the humid air flow freely.

In beach towns, outdoor bathrooms can also be more hygienic. They prevent you from dragging salt, sand, and mud into your main living area. And if you have a view of the beach or the ocean, it can be soothing to soak in the tub as you enjoy the sunset and the view.

As for holiday resorts, outdoor bathrooms can add a touch of romance to bath time while allowing you to appreciate the beautiful scenery and vast landscapes. If you’re unsure of having a wall-less section in your outdoor bathroom, you could use half walls, privacy screens, or reed fences to partially seal your plumbing.

10 Tips for Using Marble in Your Outdoor Bathroom

Keep surfaces cool to the touch

While outdoor bathrooms may seem rustic and unfinished, they usually have modern plumbing and sewer systems, so it’s natural to install contemporary fittings and fixtures. Marble is a popular choice for tropical regions with high temperatures. It has a low slip ratio while wet, and remains cool to the touch, even in sunny weather.

Go bold with black and white

Outdoor bathrooms steer towards neutral, earthen colours, so you will commonly find sand-coloured accessories or green-themed décor. You can make yours stand out with a daring black-and-white design. It doesn’t sound particular bold, but in an outdoor setting, it’s eye-catching and unexpected. Combine marble, obsidian tones, and glass for extra effect.

Combine marble with glass walls

Glass shower walls can work really well in an outdoor bathroom, because they let air circulate freely, especially if there isn’t a roof. But glass walls can seem risqué, so you might want to tuck the shower cubicle into a more sheltered part of the room.

Use black taps to offset natural stone

Highlight your frameless glass with black taps, shower heads, and fixtures. Use dark marble for the shower floor, and you can install a marble soap dish and towel rack as well. And just because you have a shower cubicle doesn’t mean you can’t have a bathtub.

Get freestanding tubs and sinks

Freestanding tubs work really well in outdoor bathrooms, and you can position them to face the best view. You can either get a black marble tub or a beautifully veined white one. Select a freestanding bathroom sink and a toilet bowl to match your tub. Allow adequate room between your toilet and your shower or tub for improved hygiene, and reduced odour.

Highlight your tiles and floors

If you’re going for a more subtle approach, use marble on the tiles and floors. The wall tiles would primarily be in the shower cubicle, though you can also install a sink against one wall and use marble for the backsplash. You could interchange white and black marble tiles, or you could use white marble on the walls and black marble on the floors.

Marble accessories work well with reeds

Suppose you prefer a more organic look in your outdoor bathroom. You could use reed fencing for your walls, raising them waist height for better air circulation. If you’d like to have a marble touch, you can still use accessories. With a soft reed fence, marble might be too heavy to support marble fixtures. You can still use light marble items like trays.

Try a marble tray for bathroom trinkets

Place a small marble dish on the countertop that can be used for bathroom trinkets, perfumed flower petals, or knick-knacks. You can also use marble for the backsplash, since taps and sinks have to be installed on an actual wall.

Sandy marble works well on floors

Another option is to use marble for the flooring. You can pick a sandy shade that blends into the décor, or you could choose something louder that contrasts the neutral tones in the rest of the bathroom.

Go modern or keep it classic

Marble can give a modern look or classic overtones, depending on how you use it and what you pair it with. As you explore its use in your outdoor bathroom, think about the ambience you’d like to produce and call in an interior design consultant if you need one.


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