4 Amazing Strategies to Keep Your House Clean

4 Amazing Strategies to Keep Your House Clean

Cleaning your home on a regular basis isn’t really an easy job, especially if you’re not living alone. Although most people have their own strategies for cleaning, it seems like they often spend too much time needlessly cleaning certain spots in their house.

For instance, did you know that some objects in your house are far dirtier than a toilet seat? Everything from the towels in your bathroom (more than 2,100 bacteria per square inch) to the sponges in your kitchen (more than 134,000 bacteria per square inch) is filled with germs.

If you waste all of your energy on your bathroom, you’ll surely miss a ton of other spots in the house, and before you know it, the house will look messy again. That’s why you need to have specific strategies that will allow you to start cleaning more efficiently.

Strategy #1: Forget About Perfection

For starters, we should point out that if you start trying to make everything seem perfect, you’ll only end wasting too much time. If you want everything spotless, you should just go ahead and hire a cleaning service like Helpling Singapore for the job. If that’s not an option, simply let go of perfection.

Strategy #2: Try Setting a Timer

If you don’t have much time to clean, you need to be efficient. So when you have ten or so minutes between commitments, you should use this time and clean up at least one room in your house. Just set a timer on your phone and go to town. You’ll be surprised when you see just how much you can actually accomplish in just ten minutes when you’re working with a timer…

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Strategy #3: Clean Before Bed

Just like setting a timer, if you manage to make it a habit to clean up for ten minutes or so every evening before you go to bed, your house will become cleaner instantly. This doesn’t have to be anything huge – you should at least pick up some dirty clothes, throw the dishes in the dishwashing machine, etc. You shouldn’t do it alone – your spouse should definitely help you split the chore. And speaking of family members helping…

Strategy #4: Employ Your Kids

Now, this doesn’t mean you should make your kids do some hard chores, like scrubbing the bathroom or anything like that. You should start by asking them to do simple tasks that can be done in five to ten minutes, like dust their room for example. You should give them a simple assignment every day after school and have them do some deep-cleaning tasks during the weekend. This will teach them some valuable lessons and it will save you some time.

Final Thoughts

And that’s it, those are a few strategies that will help you clean your home more efficiently and quickly. Even if you’re working on a tight schedule, you’ll be able to get things done. Plus, you’ll be able to teach your kids the basics of house-cleaning and instill some valuable lessons that will last them forever.


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