Healthy, Hygienic Home Tips To Ring In The New Year

Healthy, Hygienic Home Tips To Ring In The New Year


After the Christmas festivities, we often find ourselves plagued with a messy home. Opening presents, cooking plenty of food as well as celebrating can leave the house in a real state for the new year. Many people consider spring to be the best time for their renewed cleaning habits, but often it’s more suitable around the new year.

This allows you to start your return to work fresh, with a sense of rejuvenation. Think of it like stepping out of the shower in the morning. The long, comfortable rest of Christmas and the new year is over, and now you have a brand new, clean, beautiful house to base your life in. What a great way to start all you plan to achieve.

We have collected some ‘healthy home hygiene’ tips to help you do this with as much ease as possible:

Clean The Carpets

If you have children, it’s not uncommon for carpet stains to occur. Dropped juice bottles, chocolate stains, or even tomato ketchup can make their way onto your carpet, and there’s nothing you might do to stop it. Cleaning the carpets might bring out a lighter shade than you have ever seen, and this could surprise you. All carpets need cleaning, but we often neglect to do that until there is an apparent stain. Even dropping red wine on a carpet can be rectified with white wine and some sponge/soap cleaning. However, making the effort to use carpet powder, deep cleaning carpet cleaners or even hiring the professionals to do it can help your flooring take on a new light.

Check For Pests

While the winter often kills of many insects, some make their way into your homes to thrive. As the spring comes once more, they will only breed and become more numerous. For this reason, implanting solutions to prevent that now is great long-term thinking, saving you some ugly control necessities in the future. Using termites control services, placing down rat traps/poison and otherwise cleaning cubby holes and basement openings can give you a few preventative measures to rest on.

Don’t be afraid to call the professionals to proof your home in advance, or keep them on hand just in case your efforts aren’t successful. No preventative measure will be 100% successful, so be sure to observe your home often before this becomes a problem.

Clean Behind Everything (Yes, Everything)

This is the time of year to truly check behind all of your cupboards, ornaments, wardrobes, beds, and every other item of furniture which you might have neglected. Cleaning behind a massive item of furniture might not be feasible every time you clean, but it should be considered. We’re talking about everything here. Your food cupboard or pantry should be cleaned from head to toe, moving all of the containers and stored items you currently have to hit those tight spots. If you have an oven, clean the entire inside using an antibacterial kit. This full clean of your entire house might take a couple of days to truly achieve, and it will be hard work. When finished however, you will have a seemingly new home, one you feel much more able to face a new year with.


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