What You Need to Know About Garage Doors in Tempe

What You Need to Know About Garage Doors in Tempe

If you live in Tempe, Arizona and you’re thinking about purchasing a new garage door, you might not know where to start your search. Garage doors are much more important than you may think, they make up a considerable amount of the front of your house. Purchasing the right garage door is one of the most important decisions you can make when designing or renovating your home.

Tempe has a unique style, as well as a range of necessities when it comes to garage door designs. This post is written with the help of NationServe, garage door repair experts in Tempe. Make sure to read on if you want all the information you need about garage doors in Tempe, Arizona.

Insulation is Key

Tempe city is one of the hottest regions in Arizona. Residents in the area often face temperatures well above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. For this reason, it’s extremely important that you have a garage door with great insulation to keep cool air inside the garage.

Many modern garage door designs, including steel and fiberglass, provide great insulation for those who want to reduce their energy bill.

Spanish-Inspired Homes Design is Common

Converted Spanish colonial designs are an everlasting feature of Tempe neighborhood. In fact, they are popular throughout the entirety of Arizona. These homes are normally light brown or tan in color, and use stucco for smooth, continuous walls.

If you do decide to purchase or build a Spanish design home, you’ll most likely want to opt for a steel door. This appears to be the major trend in the area, and as mentioned before, it provides a great deal of insulation. Steel doors also tend to last the longest—they’re extremely durable.

Pueblo Revival is Also Popular

Pueblo revival is also a popular design in the area. Those who opt for this design will notice similar approaches to building as the Spanish colonial style. The main difference is smoother wall edges and flat roofing.

Pueblo revival homeowners also tend to use both steel and glass garage doors. Glass might sound like it would be poorly insulated, but you can customize thickness levels to retain cool air inside. The garage door you decide on will depend on the exact type of pueblo revival home you own.

Factor Appearance and Functionality

You should be acutely aware of both appearance and functional use when you’re trying to decide on which garage door type to choose. Fiberglass, steel, and glass doors all provide great insulation and customizable design features.

You can personalize fiberglass and steel to suit any type of exterior design, and you can include different windows and glass panels throughout the door.


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