4 Awesome Must-Have Master Bathroom Features

4 Awesome Must-Have Master Bathroom Features

Knowing where to spend money and where to spend focus and energy in the remodeling or original design of a home is key to maintaining home value, security in a living space, and most importantly: a happy and satisfied spouse.

That said, today I bring you 4 awesome must-have features in a master bathroom. These are my ideas of what I think are top priorities when it comes to designing the space where you will spend the bulk of your time getting ready for special events and winding down for the day.

Let’s get right into the list:

  1. Quartz Countertop

Laminate countertops might do the job in the utility and children’s bathrooms; but for the master, a higher grade of elegance and wear-resistance is a must. Quartz countertops provide all the benefits of granite but with a must more consistent texture and appearance.

In addition, quartz resists stains and also protects against scratches better than granite itself. Quartz is awesome because it does not require to be sealed and can come in a variety of patterns and colors. The one down side? It will cost you near the tune of $100 or so per square foot (even more than granite), but it is well worth it!

2. Dual Flush Toilet

Looking for a way to help the planet and also your water bill this quarter? Invest in a dual flush toilet and you will be able to reduce water usage over time as you get used to it (flush up or down depending on the waste-removal needed).

In fact, modern toilets use between 1.3 and 1.6 gallons of water per flush while dual flush toilets use only 1 gallon for liquid waste and between 1.3 and 1.6 gallons of water for solid waste per flush. All toilets that are dual flush that have been brought to market have been reported to remove liquid waster adequately and wonderfully with only 1 gallon, so invest in a dual flush toilet today to start saving money!

3. Humidity Controlled Exhaust Fan

The No.1 most requested and utilized master bathroom feature is an exhaust fan according to the National Association of Home Builders. Believe it or not, these little devices are highly desirable and considered must-haves for properly ventilating (outside preferably) excess humidity from water.

A humidity controlled fan is better than a standard exhaust fan because, although a standard exhaust fan is required by code, a humidity controlled fan is a must-have because it keeps moisture levels in check automatically without wasting your climate controlled air generated from the air conditioner or the furnace. Keep things at the appropriate humidity level and reap the benefits of power savings across the board while still preventing mold in the bathroom.

4. Curb-less Walk-In Shower

Finally, the last must-have for your master bathroom is a walk-in shower without a bumper or a curb. A curb-less walk-in shower is safe because there is no trip factor, it is easy to clean because there are no lips or fiberglass, and it looks pretty darn good as well! For an added bonus on any tub or shower, invest in non-slip grips for any type of stepped bath rub situation where you don’t have the luxury of a curb-less shower.

Before installing a curb-less shower, hire someone who has built one before: it takes experience to build one right because of the slope of the drain, and the old sub-flooring will have to be removed to do it right. Don’t mess up: just install it properly the first time!

That’s my list of 4 must-have features for the master bathroom. I hope you liked what you read and I hope you can contribute your comments below to add to, delete, or modify portions of the list. Let us know what you think! 🙂



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