Turn Your Bedroom Into A Boudoir

Turn Your Bedroom Into A Boudoir

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Your bedroom is your own private retreat from the world – it deserves to be a place of luxury. Why not treat yourself to some premium furnishings? Here are a few ways that you can transform your bedroom into a room fit for royalty.

Upgrade your furniture

Give your bedroom an elegant look by choosing some flashier furniture. For a Victorian look, consider engraved dark wood furniture. For a sleek modern look, consider white glossy furniture or steel. Consider upgrading the size of your bed or buying a headboard. You may also want to upsize your wardrobe. Just make sure that you don’t buy furniture that’s too big to fit in your room.

Antiques and designer items will be the most expensive. You can save money on stylish furniture by not being concerned by age or branding. You’ll find plenty of sites selling discount premium goods that have a large furniture selection to peruse through. Second-hand sites and auctions are also great places to find discounted premium bedroom furniture.

Try to keep all your furniture to one style and colour. This will help to create a sense of harmony throughout the room.

Choose luxury linen

On top of your furniture, it’s worth upgrading your bed linen for a greater sense of luxury. If you currently use cotton sheets, consider paying that little bit extra for satin sheets. This material is much smoother, preventing itchiness and reducing static energy leading to crazy ‘bed hair’.

Make sure that you have enough layers and pillows. A quilt or throw can be useful as an alternative to a duvet in summer or as an extra later on top of a duvet in winter. Lots of pillows can help to make your bed look more comfy and inviting, however you don’t want to be unnecessarily taking off pillows every time you go to bed.

Embrace art

Art can help to bring a sense of sophistication to any room. If your bed is up against a wall, the space above your head could be the perfect place to hang a painting. Make this a painting that’s personal to you and one that helps transport you to your dreamy place.

Keep your toes warm

For getting up in the night, consider laying down a fur rug to keep your toes warm. Sheepskin shaggy rugs are great for bedrooms. You may even be able to get a large rug to sit under the bed which overlaps each side of the bed – this way there will be no wrong side of the bed to get out of.

Buy new curtains

Your curtains may also be in need of an upgrade. Thick winter curtains will not just help to keep you warmer in winter but also keep out the light at night. You could even consider wooden shutters – these will similarly keep out the light and insulate the room although you’ll need to make sure you have enough space to open them.


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