Modern and Minimal: Achieving This Stylish Look In Your Home

Modern and Minimal: Achieving This Stylish Look In Your Home

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A modern, minimal look won’t be for everyone- and if you’re a busy family or prefer your homely looking rooms then the style probably won’t appeal. But if you’re a twenty or thirty something who lives alone or as a couple, in a stylish home that’s perhaps on the smaller side then this theme could be perfect for you. If you want to achieve a very clean, minimal and spacious looking home, here’s how you can go about it.

Go Neutral

Painting the walls in a light, neutral shade will make the space look bigger and brighter and work well with the clean and modern look you’re going for. Remove any wallpaper and have the walls skimmed so they’re perfectly smooth and give the best base for your paint. White is an obvious choice, but magnolia or even a very light grey could work well.

Replace The Floorings

Another way to make your home look modern and minimal is replacing carpets with wooden floors. They’re easy to clean, don’t harbour smells and last a long time if they’re looked after well. In fact because real wood can be sanded and re-stained a number of times it can last thirty years and beyond if looked after well. Because wood goes with any kind of decor, even if you decide modern and minimal isn’t your style later down the line it will go with just about anything so no need to replace floorings in a very long time.

Choose Furniture With Clean Lines

Big comfy slouchy chairs might work well in a homely decor theme, but for modern and minimal you want to be going for cool and contemporary with clean lines. Sites like specialise in this, so have a browse and work out what suits your theme and style. From sofas and chairs to lamps and coffee tables, these things will all add to the way your home looks so choose carefully.

Reduce Clutter

Finally, a modern and minimal style of home won’t work well with piles of clutter everywhere. Choose furniture with built in storage so you can put your possessions away neatly instead of having lots of things out on display. It’s not to say you can display decorative items, but choose them wisely and go with quality over quantity. One or two key pieces won’t detract from your minimalist theme but will help give it a more homely feel. Plants and fresh flowers are unfussy and work well here. Some plush cushions on the sofa, and a piece of art on the walls.

A minimalist home will help a smaller house or apartment look and feel spacious, and makes things like cleaning and maintenance really easy so perfect for those busy, trendy working singles or couples. As you will have less items in your home, spend time choosing the perfect pieces so your home is still a reflection of you and your style, even if it’s scaled back.

Does a minimal style of home appeal to you?


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