5 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Consider Building a Dual Living Home

5 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Consider Building a Dual Living Home

In recent times, the housing sector in Australia has undergone a seismic shift with purposefully-built dual living homes. While previously, some people would attempt to sub-let extra rooms in their house to earn an extra income, this type of arrangement often led to disagreements, invasion of privacy and an overall awkward experience for both the landlord and the tenant. In short, it just doesn’t work.

In order to salvage the situation, dual living homes began their debut. Basically, a dual living home is a single development on one piece of land. The house has been subdivided into 2 different units with separate entrances and separate amenities, only that they share the same address. Dual living homes have revolutionized the market with their astonishing convenience and affordability. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should start the process of building a dual living home today:

  1. You’ll have a single cheaper building project

Buying a dual living home is like getting a buy-one-get-one-free offer. If you compare the price of building two separate homes to the price of building a single dual living home, the difference is astonishing! Be sure to visit http://www.bellriverhomes.com.au/ today where you’ll find some of the finest dual living home designs at a reasonable price.

  1. It reaps double benefits for investors

If you’re a property investor looking to maximize your profits, then building a dual living home could be your ticket to success. Two separate living spaces translates to more rent and the best part is, even if one unit becomes vacant, you’ll still be receiving an income from the second unit as you look for a new tenant.

  1. It ensures privacy for cohabiting families

Have you taken in a friend of family member who needs a place to stay? Or are you still living with your adult child? There are many reasons why arguments may arise in a family, and invasion of privacy is definitely one of them. Building a dual living home keeps you prepared for life’s unforeseen circumstances when you may find yourself in need of your own space while still staying close to your loved ones.

  1. You can enjoy being both a homeowner and an investor

Building a dual living home will enable you and your family to achieve two of the greatest goals in life: to own a home and to have a solid financial investment. The extra income you receive from renting out the spare unit can help you to pay off your home loan in a much shorter time.

  1. If you need more space, it’s readily available

Perhaps when you built your dual living home, you were living alone. However, later on, should you decide to get married and have children, you can be assured that there will be enough room for your growing family. Instead of the hassle of looking for a new house or building an extension when you run out of space, a dual living home offers the convenience of doubling your floor space with one easy renovation. Truly, dual living homes offer the best affordability, convenience and profitability all under one roof!


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