Valentines Day a Flowery Celebration of Love

Valentines Day a Flowery Celebration of Love

Valentine’s Day is observed each year on February 14th. It is an auspicious occasion to celebrate romantic love where people mutually exchange greeting cards, letters and valentines day flowers to their loved ones. Some people may even arrange a romantic candle light dinner with their spouse or partner in a swanky restaurant.

Valentine’s Day greeting cards are beautifully embellished with images of hearts, red roses and cupid’s arrow. Some of the common gifts presented during the Valentine’s Day include flowers, chocolates, candy, lingerie, champagne and sparkling cocktails. Meanwhile, there are certain groups of people who utilize this occasion to present gifts in the form of jewelry items.

Significance of Valentine’s Flowers

Gifting flowers is one of the best ways to express your concern for your valentine. It triggers an immediate sense of happiness and joy. They help in mitigating anxiety and depression among the people. Sending flowers helps in building new connections and meaningful relationship. Fresh flowers and indoor plants help in boosting positivity, energy and enthusiasm. It is estimated that about fifty wide varieties of houseplants and flowers are native to the world to ward off harmful air pollutants.

One can communicate with others by gifting roses and expressing the complex emotion of love by using various colors. A Red rose for example convey the intensity and passion of love whereas White roses are used to convey purity. If on the other hand, the bouquet of roses contains white and red, it indicates the intimacy and oneness of relationship. Yellow roses express the devotion towards the other person. To express friendship, pink roses are the best way to communicate.

Like roses, Lillies can be used to express one’s love to the other person. To make your sweetheart feel like a princess, there is nothing better than presenting calla Lillies. Stargazer lily can be used to compliment the ambitious nature of your lover. Day Lillies on the other hand are used to convey the enthusiastic spirit of your valentine. Casablanca Lillies conveys a message that the partner is in a mood to party with her lover. Presenting White Tulips conveys that you are ready to forgive to your valentine.

Red Tulips indicates that the partner is declaring their love. A yellow tulip shows the partner’s love and affection is in despair. Pink tulip indicates caring. Some of the other popular Valentine’s Day flowers include Orchids which indicates delicate beauty. Presenting iris flowers stimulates inspiration in your partner. It is a symbol of faith and hope. A gardenia is a type of flower which brings happiness and joy.

Traditionally, Gerbera daisies were used to convey beauty and innocence but in the contemporary days it indicates happiness and pleasant. A carnation flower represents charm and intimacy. Alstroemeria which is also termed as Peruvian Lillies is gifted to represent friendship and devotion. They are indigenous plants of South America.

A sunflower represents warmth, comfort and joy. It lifts the mood and reinvigorates the mind and soul of an individual.


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