7 Inexpensive Tips to Plan Your Trip to Australia

7 Inexpensive Tips to Plan Your Trip to Australia looking over cliff

In the words of the famous Persian poet Rumi, “Travel brings power and back into your life.” Australia has become a popular destination among all tourist segments owing to the unique and enthralling experience that it has to offer. It is one of the most sought after destinations for sea diving in the world. This makes it a must on every travel enthusiast’s list. But this can be a pretty expensive affair if you do not plan the trip well in advance. (eldiariony.com) Follow a few simple tips to savor the beauty of Australia without letting it burn a hole in your pocket.

1. Schedule it right

It is vital to schedule your trip to avoid the heavy rush periods. The flights and hotels are expensive during the peak seasons since they see a rise in the demand. Try to plan your visit around the spring or the fall season instead. These seasons see a slight dip in the tourism in Australia and hence helps you budget your trip well. The travel cost comes down significantly with most of the airlines offering huge discounts. Accommodation is also cheaper during this time. Also, chart out your complete itinerary well in advance so that you have enough time to make the required bookings. Mostly, all online prices are dynamic and may increase as the booking date approaches.

2. Prefer Homestays over Hotels

7 Inexpensive Tips to Plan Your Trip to Australia hostels and homestays

If you want to truly understand the spirit of Australia, opt of a homestay. The amount of learning and cultural enrichment that you can witness by actually living like the locals in absolutely irreplaceable. You get to see a completely different picture than what you could have ever experienced in a hotel. It is like finding a family in a strange world. It gives you an opportunity to learn about the beliefs, culinary habits, preferences, lifestyles of Australians. Instead of just reading about it on an inscription outside a monument or seeing a sample of it in a museum, you would get to live it.

3. Use Public Transport to Commute

7 Inexpensive Tips to Plan Your Trip to Australia bus transportation

Public transport is extremely sorted in Australia and this gives you an opportunity to save heavily on travel. You can easily get a bus to travel within the cities. The open-top buses also have free city guides to help you understand the history of the city as you witness it.

To travel from one city to another, you can take the trains. They are a pocket-friendly and comfortable option instead of taking flights every time. Another added advantage is that you get to travel across the beautiful countryside along the journey, making the proposition even more lucrative.

4. Explore Student Discounts

If you are a student, then do not forget to carry your ID Card. You could be studying in any university across the world to avail these offers, as long as you have a valid ID Card. Most of the airlines also offer special student discounts. This can also help you find a nice accommodation at a huge bargain. There are many websites that help you with it.

You can also get good discounts at some of the monuments and even with the trains. You can get a travel card made for internal transfers with it to save on the hassle each time you move from a place to another. A few of the adventure sports spots also allow you to make use of special student offers.

5. Look for BYO

Keep hunting for the words BYO across the clubs and restaurants in the city. These are the ‘Bring your own’ restaurants. As the name suggests, these places would allow you to bring your own wine or beer to be savoured along with the food. These places are usually cheaper for food as well. Apart from allowing you to enjoy your choice of liquor brand, this also helps you save on the premium that restaurants and pubs usually charge to serve it to you.

6. Opt for Exchange Programs

Exchange programs have traditionally been known to be an ideal choice for long stays. There are a plenty of good options available to choose from. You can even club it with some voluntary work to enhance your overall experience and outlook. It would also empower you to give something to the community while you unlock unparalleled opportunities to grow as a human being. Additionally, all good exchange programs give all the participants a basic monthly allowance to cover your basic expenses during the stay. If you have some time in your hand, this is one opportunity you must not miss out on.

7. Don’t forget to take the insurance

7 Inexpensive Tips to Plan Your Trip to Australia airplane taking off

It is one of the most common mistakes people make while travelling. Skipping out on insurance to save a little money can turn out to be highly expensive instead. We have already listed out different areas where you can apply your cost-cutting skills. Invest in a good insurance plan to secure yourself from any losses or accidents that might occur during your trip. Select the plan that best suits your needs. This will ensure that you are able to enjoy your trip without any worries.

But most importantly, do not forget to enjoy while you are holidaying instead of spending the time only on planning and hunting for the right places. The true spirit of travelling is in appreciating the soul of the place.

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