4 Reasons Why You Need To Have Proper Roof Ventilation

4 Reasons Why You Need To Have Proper Roof Ventilation

Installing a roof is not only about the shingles. Instead, it also involves various other processes, chief among them being proper ventilation. And to help you understand why it is important to get the roof ventilated, we list out four reasons.

Minimize Temperature Variances

In homes where the roofs are poorly vented, people can often feel variations in temperature in the different rooms, especially those with two floors. For example, in the living room on the ground floor, you may have a cooler environment. But when you move to the above floor, you might notice that the temperature is much warmer in there. The only way to remedy the situation is to properly vent the roof so that the hot air in the attic goes outside and the cooler air enters inside, thereby making the overall temperature of your home pretty similar across the rooms.

Cut Down Energy Expenditures

A properly vented roof also allows you to reduce the energy consumption of the home. This change mostly occurs due to lower air conditioning bills. Without a correctly vented roof, the rooms will be warmer. As such, if you switch on an air conditioner in this situation, the machine will have to work extra hard trying to keep the rooms cool. But when you let out the hot air, the internal rooms becomes cooler. As a result, the AC unit will not have to stress itself out and will consume less electricity.

Improve Roof Life Expectancy

Without having proper ventilation, the roof might become damaged due to ice damming, which refers to the buildup of icicles on the edges of the roof. This mainly happens because of hot air being trapped inside the rooms. The snow on the roof melts because of the heat of the attic and the sun. But when the resulting water reaches the roof’s edge, it will freeze, slowly resulting in the buildup of icicles. The ice can also backup on the inside of the roofing system, damaging the structure over a period of time.

Prevent Mold

Another way a correctly done roof ventilation helps you is by preventing the formation of mold. Without ventilation, excessive moisture can form in the attic. And this can, over time, promote the growth of mold, which will later affect the health of the residents of your home. Plus, proper roof ventilation also reduces the chances of the roof system being damaged by excess moisture.

In addition to the above benefits, proper roof ventilation also ensures that the shingles are not damaged. So, if you feel that the roof of your home is not ventilated properly, then make sure that you quickly call in an experienced roof ventilation service to get the job done.


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