Nail These Three Elements For The Perfect At-Home Wedding Reception

Nail These Three Elements For The Perfect At-Home Wedding Reception white tent outside

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People generally have a set idea of what a wedding should look like, but actually, you can tailor it to be however you want. A very traditional affair won’t suit every couple, your tastes, personality and also your budget will shape how things look. One thing you can do that deviates from the norm of modern weddings is to have the reception at home, and there are some fantastic reasons for doing so. Perhaps you have a large or beautiful home which would make the perfect backdrop. From a location point of view, it might make good sense and mean people are able to easily get there and back. It will also shave thousands off your wedding budget since the venue is always going to be one of the most expensive elements. Here’s how you can make it work, and make your home wedding reception a beautiful affair.

Hire a Marquee

One thing that will transform your home into something that looks like wedding reception is a marquee. Inside you will have your seating area, dance floor, dj booth and more- that way if it begins to rain it’s not a problem. A wedding marquee looks really impressive, and makes the occasion stand out rather than it looking like a regular family party. Don’t forget to leave space in your garden for some photos too. It would make sense to get an area cleared and tidy so you have a lovely outdoor backdrop.


Once your marquee is up you can get onto the fun part- decorating! Think fairy lights, LED tealight candles, lanterns, flowers- there’s so much you can do to make it look absolutely beautiful. Check out sites like Pinterest for ideas, if the wedding is based on a theme then carry this through to the marquee and decorations. You can also buy stunning personalised stationery- place holders, table numbers, napkins, wedding programs and more. Giftsin24 monogrammed thank you notes would be ideal for thanking guests after the wedding too- choose your style and colours based on your wedding. Then choose the design for all of the stationery so that it’s consistent throughout.
Nail These Three Elements For The Perfect At-Home Wedding Reception

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You have a couple of different options when it comes to food. If you’re going for something a little more informal and for less people, how about firing up the barbecue or pizza oven? Alternatively you could prepare hot food in your home’s kitchen- big pots of stews, curries and casseroles would feed a lot of people and could be made in huge batches. Another option would be to go buffet style, this is usually fairly inexpensive and easy to do, and finger foods like sandwiches quiches, seasoned chicken and desserts are always crowd pleasers. A candy buffet is another cool option– it could include a selection of cakes, sweets, an ice cream machine, even a chocolate fountain.  

Hosting your wedding reception at home can be far more personal, save you a tonne of money and be more convenient for your guests too. Be sure to nail these three elements and you’ll throw a wedding reception to remember that’s just as nice as something you spent four times the price on.


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