Key Tips on How to Prepare Your Backyard for A Stunning Water Feature

Key Tips on How to Prepare Your Backyard for A Stunning Water Feature

A spectacular water feature can mimic the calming effect of the ocean¾it makes us feel a sense of tranquility and healing, without having to take long drives to the beach.

If you want to enhance your backyard with a relaxing water feature, don’t start removing those roots and rough stones without reflecting on these priming tips first:

Create a design and labor plan

Every successful project begins with a well-detailed plan. When you’ve made the decision to build your own water feature, making things concrete would be the best thing to do first. Once you’ve seen the design on paper, complete it with measurements, the materials needed, and the labor plan needed to accomplish it. By following a project outline, it will be much easier for you and your family to do the actual work. Through planning, simple and sophisticated water features can be achieved in a more precise, safe and budget-friendly manner.

Find the best location

 Water features come in various shapes and sizes. You can’t blindly choose a design without assessing the limits of your backyard space. An essential step in installing a successful water feature is to identify the location that will fit it perfectly. Is the water feature on the bigger side? Does it require a lot of room for electrical wirings? Then you might have to choose a location that’s a bit wider and is suitable for any additional connections to be in place. Once you’ve found the right spot, mark it with colorful flags to help you during installation.

Assess the soil

Another tip to prime your backyard for a water feature is to evaluate the soil’s capacity. This may sound a bit too much for most of you, however, knowing your soil foundation is critical in making sure your water feature doesn’t turn into a huge mess. In some houses, backyard soil can be too soft for a huge feature to be placed on. Failing to detect any holes and cracks on the topsoil could even ruin your water feature. By making sure that your backyard is ready for another load, you can spare yourself from any accidents that might occur while your water feature is being installed.

Ensure a good water source

We cannot overemphasize the fact that a water feature needs water! The newly constructed water feature will not function or even look aesthetically good when your backyard isn’t capable of supplying enough water for sufficient flow. For instance, if you decide to put on a waterfall type of feature, make sure to lay the water circulation pipe that goes from the pump to the waterfall on the ground.

Establish waterproofing measures

When we talk about water, we also have to point out the necessity for waterproofing measures to be in place before getting your water feature installed. Remember, you don’t want water to spill out all over your area because of inadequate waterproofing measures. Otherwise, instead of providing you relaxation and peace, a water feature gone wrong could cost you and your family’s overall safety and convenience. For electrical connections needed for pumps, lights, and other features, waterproofing is also necessary. This will avoid any fire-hazard caused by wet electrical wirings.

Key Tips on How to Prepare Your Backyard for A Stunning Water Feature fountain

Buy your technical supplies

Before you start digging those holes, make sure you’ve got all the materials needed to complete your water feature installation. Traveling back and forth to stores can cause you unnecessary stress during the installation proper. Getting professional advice can also be indispensable when you want to stick to your plan and budget. Kits for ponds, for instance, are readily available in water feature clinics or retail shops. You can even have them delivered to your house and make the entire process less of a hassle.

Remove the roots

As we’ve mentioned at the beginning of this list, removing the roots comes after you’ve successfully assessed and stabilized your backyard’s overall condition. We are placing this as a last tip because we want you to focus on clearing up an area where you can confidently put your stunning water feature. By removing the roots and any rough stone, lining the hole for your water feature would be easier, allowing it to be neatly smoothed out against the contours.

Keep it clean

As some final advice, remember that water features can best offer us tranquil ambiance and relaxation¾when they are kept in good shape. Let’s be responsible homeowners. Be aware of the occasional care that must be done to keep our water features running efficiently. Water features are also home to wildlife, take time to replenish them with clean water regularly to avoid any unwanted growth. Similarly, keep the area surrounding your water feature looking neat by investing in some of the best weed killers and highlighting your new fountain or pond with beautiful flowers or plants instead.

Adding a lovely water feature to your backyard is a great idea you can achieve. By starting with a concrete plan, a well-primed location and the right tools and supplies, it is undoubtedly a project you and your family can enjoy doing. Just some simple steps to follow and in no time, you and your family can gaze longingly into the peaceful flow of water¾all from your backyard! Be considerate in the planning process and take proper precautions to avoid messes and accidents. Hopefully the design and construction phases will be just as enjoyable as experiencing the finished product!

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