Be stunning behind the Mask

Be stunning behind the Mask

Every woman I know loves dressing up. When it comes to parties, we women love the attention that comes with them. If you have quite a few parties to attend this season and are always looking for ways to stand out from the crowd, then there are few things you can do. Paying close attention to elements mentioned below will make you the star of any party.

Choosing a Dress

It can be completely daunting to choose a dress for any upcoming occasion. Rule of thumb is to wear something that you feel confident in. If you can carry a sexy dress well, then wear one but avoid anything too sleazy. Every person feels naturally drawn to confident people and wearing the right kind of dress can make all the difference in the world.

Type of Makeup

Don’t skimp on curling your eyelashes before putting mascara on. Most women tend to get ready in a rush; you need to put in the effort to look good. Keep your makeup subtle and dewy. Avoid any harsh lip colors as they can make you look uptight and unapproachable. You want people to feel comfortable in approaching you at a party and not the opposite.

Expertly applied makeup can make you look young and attractive.

Masquerade mask

You may already be getting invitations to Halloween parties which is just around the corner now. And you may be thinking of adding a statement piece to your costume. Instead of making your dress the key focus, why not get your hands on an exquisite masquerade mask. It is the only statement piece you will need at this year’s parties.

Jewelry choice

Stay clear of wearing jewelry if you are taking a mask with you. You may wear a tiny pendant if you like but your earrings may get caught in your mask when you pull it away, so it’s best to avoid wearing them.


Hair obviously should be styled according to your costume. Depending on what occasion it is, you can keep it straight and sleek or amp up the volume for a retro look. Why not try wearing your hair in a different way than how you usually keep it. Changing your parting or going from straight to curly can make you feel like a superstar.

I recommend getting your hair done before your makeup because us women take more time on makeup and are always walking out the door unhappy about our hair. Give yourself extra time just for your hair-do not leave your hair half done as it will spoil your entire look.


Accessories can jazz up the simplest of outfits and make it look more expensive. If you are wearing a rather simple dress to the next event, then add some faux fur to make it instantly more glamorous. Earrings especially the Swarovski ones can make you look more sophisticated. Some rather funky earrings can tie up your whole look together and give you bonus points for putting the effort in your appearance.


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