SEO Tips for Ecommerce Bloggers in Cosmetics

SEO Tips for Ecommerce Bloggers in Cosmetics

Starting and running an ecommerce blog can be a daunting task. This is especially true in the cosmetics field, where there’s already a lot of strong competition. However, if you have a solid vision and continually push the right buttons, it’s possible to achieve stellar results.

While there are many key factors for driving people to your blog, one of the most important is SEO. The search engine optimization of your blog will determine its visibility on search engines such as Google. Here are some SEO tips for cosmetics ecommerce bloggers looking to grow their following.

Titles Are Important

Even though the title of your blog post is only a few words, it’s the first thing someone sees when they come across your content. A title can easily determine if someone will click on your post. Headline analysis programs, such as this one from CoSchedule, can evaluate the strength of your headlines.

Before you start making headlines, however, it’s important to know what to add and what to avoid. Three types of headlines continually entice people to click on them: lists, “How To” and questions. Using one of these headline formats will be your best bet if you want to use your blog to help you sell makeup from home.

When making a headline, it’s also important to mix up your diction. Essentially, you want words that accomplish different tasks. Effective headlines are powerful and stir emotions. This is true for ecommerce cosmetics blogs, as people are highly invested in their appearance. Make sure your title includes at least one word that fulfills those requirements.

Orb Online, a sussex SEO agency, say that simple tweaks to your anchor texts and page titles will have massive effects on your web traffic.

Keywords Can Be Key

Adding appropriate keywords and links can make the difference between getting conversions and having no one see your content. The great thing about adding keywords to your own blog is that you’re in complete control over their usage. Thus, you can use targeted keywords on your blog to get more people to other links.

However, it’s important to exercise some caution here. If you try to stuff too many keywords into your posts, it will likely end up backfiring on you. This will hurt your SEO, as Google and other search engines intentionally try to block this practice, and it will turn people off from your blog.

One way to naturally include more of your own content is through internal linking. This is essentially a way of incorporating other authoritative pages from your blog. While people will likely be annoyed if you’re only linking your product pages, inserting links to other relevant pages from your blog keeps users on your site and can help improve its search engine ranking.

Publish More, Publish Longer

If you put more work into your blog, you will get better results. This has been shown by studies on what kinds of content perform best in search engine rankings. Longer posts tend to get more engagement than shorter ones. This is largely since when a post is longer, it tends to offer more information. Providing users with value will help boost your blog in search engine results.

Additionally, publishing more often will help boost your blog’s SEO. HubSpot, one of the premier sources for marketing best practices, found making 16 or more blog posts per month boosted traffic by over three times more than posting four or fewer times per month. While that might be more than you’re willing to post for your ecommerce cosmetics blog, it will boost your results.

The nature of SEO is continually evolving, so it’s key to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends. These SEO tips for ecommerce bloggers in cosmetics should get your blog off to a good start.


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