Maximizing Truck Longevity: 3 Durable Features You Can’t Overlook

Maximizing Truck Longevity: 3 Durable Features You Can’t Overlook

If you’re about to embark on a brand-new business journey and you need to invest money in a high quality truck, you need one that’s going to be durable, tough, and rugged. The type of truck doesn’t necessarily matter all that much, because you can buy a van, a platform truck, or even a specialty truck if needed. What’s most important of all is your vehicle’s ability to carry heavy loads and withstanding a beating.

Choosing a truck with the most durable features will certainly help it last longer. Sometimes it’s even impossible to find a truck that can withstand the pain and punishment you’re about to put it through. You may need to have your heavy-duty vehicle customized so it will always get you from spot A to spot B without you worrying that it’s about to fall apart.

With that out of the way, we’re going to inform you about truck durability and the features that need to withstand the biggest beatings possible. So stay glued to the page to learn the scoop.

Having a Strong Rear Frame on Your Vehicle

When construction crews build a new home or building, they always lay down a strong, solid foundation. The same thing should hold true when designing a truck. You would never build a truck body of a commercial nature without making it solid and strong. The rear frame has to hold up in even the most difficult conditions.

Luke from Crawley T&B, a company that offer advanced CPC training, said “A strong rear frame is massively important for the safety of HGV’S. You should always check for small cracks or splints in your trucks frame and fix the problem as soon as possible.”

When your frame is strong, your truck can take a licking and keep on going like the Energizer rabbit. When your frame is weak, it might bend, crack, or break and cause irreparable damage to your vehicle, anyone in the vicinity of your vehicle, other property, and the load it was carrying.

Does your truck have to bump into multiple loading docks throughout the day? If this is happening 20 to 25 times a day, your frame will weaken if it isn’t sturdy to begin with. And if the damage continues, your truck frame is going to crack and your vehicle is going to be a worthless piece of metal on wheels.

So, if your frame isn’t already sturdy, you need to bring in a specialist to customize it to make sure it can hold up in the worst conditions possible. Find one that was thoroughly tested at the manufacturer to withstand even the worst beatings possible.

Having Strong Doors on Your Vehicle

Maximizing Truck Longevity: 3 Durable Features You Can’t Overlook truck overturned

Most commercial vehicle drivers have a tendency to overlook their doors. This is strange since doors often take a bigger beating than any other part on the entire truck besides truck floors. Your doors will experience more wear and tear than just about any other part of your vehicle.

If you transport heavy cargo on a regular basis, your doors are going to bump up against loading docks and platforms more often than not. They will get damaged from shifting cargo being bumped up against them too. So your doors have to be in tiptop shape in order to hold back heavy loads. You don’t want them flying out of your truck, right? That could result in a huge disaster.

Having Strong Floors on Your Vehicle

Do you have reinforced floors in your truck? They take a regular pounding when you unload and load the truck on a daily basis. Without reinforced floors, you could eventually cave-in, dent, or severely damage this weight carrying part of your vehicle. So if your floors aren’t thick, call in a specialist to help reinforce them.


To ensure your truck is durable and strong, please focus on the three features we’ve mentioned today. Otherwise, your truck might not be built to last.

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