You Don’t Need to Choose Between Tech and Peace In Your Home

You Don’t Need to Choose Between Tech and Peace In Your Home
You Don’t Need to Choose Between Tech and Peace In Your Home

If you were to read the reports, you would think that technology is offering little by way of benefits to our lives. It’s reducing our attentions spans, make it more difficult for us to sleep, and all around turning our once peaceful humble abodes into an anxiety-inducing prison. The truth is, there’s nothing wrong with technology. But there might be something wrong with how we’re using it. If used correctly, technology has the power to – contrary to newspaper reports – enrichen our lives and make us more peaceful when we’re trying to unwind at home. Below, we take a look at how you can interweave technology throughout your home and give your peaceful levels a boost too.

You Don’t Need to Choose Between Tech and Peace In Your Home


Minimalist Tech

If you have a large, 60” television dominating your wall, and then you always have it on, then it’s unlikely you’ll be able to get the distance from technology that your brain so sorely needs. But that’s not to say you can’t have a television, or a music player, or a videogames console either. It’s about how you position the pieces of equipment in your home. Instead of having the tech right front and center, keep it concealed or inconspicuous in your living areas. It might seem like a small thing, but there’s something about not having wires and screens staring you in the face that will make it easier for you to “switch off”.

Tech-Free Zones

Technology has become so affordable and commonplace that many people have simply filled their homes with it. It’s in every room, and not only is it just in each room, but it’s also usually the focal point of each room. To be able to have technology in your house without it becoming overbearing, you need to have ‘tech-free’ zones, rooms that are completely lacking in technology. It’ll be your private oasis in your home, allowing you to escape the tentacles of tech that’s becoming more and more unavoidable throughout society.

Tech to Calm You

People sometimes get so bogged down in the ills of technology (Facebook, everyone staring at their phones), that they forget that if you use it correctly, it will enhance your life. There are apps on your phone that’ll guide you through meditation, or show you the yoga poses you need to feel relaxed (without paying for an expensive yoga class). And through your smartphone, you can even transform the environment of your home. The waterless smart diffuser allows you to change the fragrance of your house from the comfort of your sofa, via your smartphone. That’s a lot easier than getting up and spraying the right fragrance (if you can find it) in each room of your house.

Knowledge is Enlightenment

What do we draw our peace from? Is it comfort, the mood, or just a robust sense that all is well with the world? If knowledge is what you seek, then you’ll get your peace by integrating ‘the internet of things’ into your home. You’ll be able to see how much your energy is costing you, as well as other important details, and then make any adjustments when you think the cost is getting a bit too expensive. In the olden days, people would use whatever energy they wanted and then wait for their bill to arrive, hoping all the while that it wouldn’t be too expensive. Now, by integrating technology into our homes, we’re able to take away that stress.

Fighting Crime

There’s also the whole matter of keeping our homes safe, which is even more important than relaxation, especially if we have a family. Luckily, technology can also help you on this front, too. There’s a whole host of technology gadgets that can keep would-be criminals at bay and make us feel more secure in our homes. There are cameras available that allow you to check what’s going on the outside of your home via the internet. You can also buy some pretty sophisticated lights that’ll turn on inside your home should someone approach your property, making it look like someone’s home. They say you can’t buy peace of mind, but maybe you can….

Calming Lighting

A candle is calming but gives poor light. Regular light bulbs are bright, but they’re too bright and do not calm us at all. Finally, light bulbs have been given a makeover. Now, they’re much smarter; they can match the time of day, our mood, and be turned on and off by the sound of our voice. Now that’s peace!

Now, the next time someone says tech disrupts a home, you’ll know otherwise!




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