Fall Fashion Fundamentals of 2017

Fall Fashion Fundamentals of 2017 eye shadow

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“Ugh. Wake me when it’s over! I’m going to go to the kitchen and load my arms with as many candy bars, potato chips and pastries I can physically carry, climb into  bed, pull the covers up over my head, put on a Harry Potter audiobook and wait for spring, okay?”

Am I reaching or was that your exact reaction when the fall started to set in? Don’t feel bad. It doesn’t make you a naturally slothful or indolent person, it’s a perfectly natural hibernation instinct that we all find ourselves experiencing when the nights draw in earlier, the sunrise gets later and later and the lush green trees start to become bereft shadows of their former summer selves. As tempting as it may be to languish in your pjs and hide from the world until spring, it’s up to you, yes you to inject some autumnal glamour into these drab fall months.

This is the time of year when many of us find ourselves experiencing Seasonal Affective Disorder, a form of depression which sets in around the lead up to winter. It can make us feel lethargic and depressed as well as diminishing our sense of self-worth. If this sounds painfully familiar to you it’s time to reclaim control of your self-esteem, get out there and show the world just how fierce and fabulous you are.

Fortunately, there’s plenty more than pumpkin spice lattes to roll out of bed for this season, with a host of fashion trends that will ensure that you light up the drab days and turn heads wherever you go with vintage stylings, soft furry textures and more shades of red than the cosmetics counter at Chanel very much en vogue this season. Let’s first of all look at your single greatest accessory… Your face.

This season’s makeup

It’s all about texture and contrast this season, but before we get into the season’s makeup let’s remember our skin care fundamentals. Remember that winter is on the way and while you may not need to order snow plow parts just yet, you have to contend with the mounting effects of the cold. As the days get colder and drier you’ll likely be going from warm, air conditioned buildings out into the cold and back again which can wreak havoc with your skin’s natural balance. Make sure you stay well hydrated and moisturize day and night as well as applying a replenishing face mask once a week.

Now that we’re building on a foundation of naturally glowing skin, we can build in the razzle and the dazzle. Let’s start with the eyes.

Glistening metallic textures and electric hues are where it’s at for eyes this season so be sure to make your eyes as vivid as possible and don’t be shy when it comes to the lashes as statement lashes are also big this season. Falsies are always good but if you struggle getting them on and off I recommend Too Faced’s Better Than Sex mascara. Offset the dazzle of your eyes with matte finish vivid shades of red. Berry shades are particularly fashionable this fall.

Fall Fashion Fundamentals of 2017 kinky fur

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Fur real

Fur is everywhere on the catwalks this season. Long, short, real or faux, natural or bold colors, it doesn’t matter. What’s important is texture and a vintage retro aesthetic. Last season was all about statement fur but this season it’s much more back to basics with sleeker, vintage designed coats dominating the catwalks.

All loud on the western front

There’s a certain western inspired influence making its way into this season’s looks with cowgirl affectations a staple of Calvin Klein’s output in particular. Expect to see 21st century spins on frontier era staples like leather vests and steel capped boots. You can also expect to see a proliferation of cowhide prints and ubiquitous cacti making their way into the season’s designs. Ride ‘em cowgirl!

Kinky sparkly boots

When you’re going to be wrapped head to toe in a long furry coat it’s going to be tough making a statement from the neck down so this season is all about sparkling, glittery and metallic finish boots in silvers, blues and whites. If you’re looking for something a little more conservative just go back to the importance of textures, with suede and velvet clear winners this fall.

Fall Fashion Fundamentals of 2017 bags and purses

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Go retro with your bag

‘70s and ‘80s trends are very much where it’s at when it comes to bags this season  but there’s also some juxtaposition at play with sleek metallic looks combined with furry textured elements. The clutch bag is well and truly in this season and it’s tinier and daintier than ever.

Now, it’s time to throw off that duvet, take yourself shopping and let the highstreet be your catwalk.


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