Choose Your Winter Style

Choose Your Winter Style

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We’re saying winter style, because there really isn’t such a thing as a spring style. Once summer leaves us, we’re basically left to freeze during the longer, colder nights. So from around the middle of September onwards, shops start bringing out the winter clothes, and to be honest, it looks incredible. There’s nothing nicer than picking out a nice jumper and coat, and walking out to a cold day feeling toasty. There’s so many different styles you can adopt. Today we’re going to be looking at the main two. High class, and warm and cosy. For a few extra winter looks, check out this website

It seems to be the trend lately that people are trying to achieve a high end look, no matter what background they have. To be honest, the look really isn’t that hard to achieve, you don’t have to pay through the nose to afford something like it. A simple high end winter look would be the like this. Knee high boots are a must. Couple this with either some black, or dark blue jeans, or even leggings, and your legs are set. Either wear a heeled boot or don’t, having thigh high boots really adds a sense of class no matter what the look. For more info on how to rock knee high boots, check out this article Next, a suitable thicker blouse would do. Don’t got for a silk, or lightweight material due to the colder months. Anything cotton and preferably a plain colour such as white or black. Completing the look with a long line faux fur coat is perfect. Choose a pale pastel colour, cream or light pink will go lovely. To be extra classy, add in some leather gloves, or accessorise the hands with jewellery. A bracelet and two show rings will look nice, then for extra class, look to purchase something a bit more flashy. Shop around and read reviews such as , so you can grab something you can wear all year round rather than just winter.

Probably the most popular look, is the warm and cosy. It’s the look you’ll see all across the country in the coming weeks. You’ll probably already have most of the things required, but if not, treat yourself to a little shopping trip. As with the first one, start with some jeans, any colour from blue to black will do. Then, you’re going to need a nice fluffy jumper. Either a crew neck soft sweatshirt, an actually wooly jumper, or a thick cotton one will do. A classic parker is the next step. A nice dark green or brown one will look perfect. Then, find yourself a woolly hat and gloves for use during the extra cold week. Some boots will look fine with this look as well, trainers will also do. If you’re going for boots, look for some tan or black coloured one’s without a heal.

So dressing for the winter really isn’t that hard. There’s a 50/50 split with regards to what look people take. Some people want to maintain their image, whereas some start to stop caring, and would rather focus on the comfort side of things.


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