8 Things To Remember When Packing Your Holiday Suitcase

8 Things To Remember When Packing Your Holiday Suitcase
8 Things To Remember When Packing Your Holiday Suitcase

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Holidays are supposed to be about having fun and relaxing, but it’s pretty hard to do that when you leave your home and then realize that you forgot to pack something important. As long as you remember your passport and enough underwear you’re set, right? Wrong. No matter how small or unimportant the item may seem, you will still get stressed and annoyed at yourself simply because you didn’t remember to bring it. To try to avoid this, read this list of eight things to remember when packing your holiday suitcase.

  1. Camera

Everyone loves capturing memories through pictures, so image how let down you’ll be if you forget to bring your camera along. Granted, you could use your phone to take pictures instead, but this could use up a lot of memory, and you might not have enough. As well as this, smartphones are used for everything nowadays, from playing games to figuring out where you’re going on a map. Because of this, you may not have enough charge on your phone to take pictures all day, if you’re also using your phone as a map of the top tourist attractions for your trip.

  1. Chargers

People almost always remember to pack their mobile phone and their laptop or tablet for a trip away, but sometimes their chargers for these devices aren’t so lucky. Imagine the horror of realizing that you have left your phone charger back at home, and the panic of trying to find one in a foreign country. Doesn’t sound too appealing, does it? So make sure that as you pack a device, you also pack its charger. Tape the charger to the device a few days before you leave if you have to, just don’t pack them separately, because you won’t remember it.

  1. Travel Adaptor

If you do happen to remember the chargers, make sure you also remember the travel adaptors, otherwise, the chargers are pointless. The country you are visiting could have a different voltage, different pins, or both, so you really can’t live without an adaptor if you are planning on using anything that needs a plug. You don’t need an adaptor for every electrical item you’re taking along, but you do need at least a couple, in case you need to use two electrical items at once, like straightening your hair while your phone is charging. If you are unsure of what sort of travel adaptor you need, you can check here: https://www.skyscanner.net/news/international-travel-plug-adapter-guide.

  1. Handbag Or Backpack

One of the last things that may cross your mind when you’re packing your suitcase is to pack another bag. If you’re only taking hand luggage, some flights only allow you a suitcase or a bag, so you won’t have a women’s tote handbag or backpack for days out during your trip. Make sure you pack one, because you don’t want to have to buy a handbag while you’re away and then have to leave it there because it won’t fit in your bag to come home.

  1. Medication

There are lots of different types of medications that you may need while on holiday, with painkillers, anti sickness medication, and anti diarrhea medication being just a few examples. Some countries may not stock medication that you are used to, so it may be a good idea to pack some in your bag to take with you. You can pick this up at your local pharmacy, or order it off a website, such as RxOutreach.org if you’re too busy.

  1. Money

If you already remembered to go and exchange your cash to foreign currency, your next mission is to remember to pack it and actually take it. This goes for bank cards, credit cards, or travel money cards too. Imagine the absolute nightmare of arriving in a foreign country and realizing you have absolutely no money. You’ll still be able to stay in the hotel, but how will you get there? What will you do while you’re away without any money? How will you eat? Don’t get stuck like this, check, double check, and triple check that you have your cash and cards on you when you pack your bag, leave the house, and arrive at the airport.

  1. Coat

Although you may not feel like you need one, it’s always best to take a coat with you, just in case. Even the hottest countries can have their chilly or rainy days, so it’s better to be safe than sorry and literally left out in the cold. You’ll want to carry or wear your coat, rather than pack it into your case, so you are at risk of leaving it behind if you don’t wear your coat very often or it’s a warm day. To avoid this, make sure that you keep your coat on top of your suitcase, so there’s no possible way that you could forget it.

  1. Toothbrush

If you think back to when you were a kid, the one thing you always forgot when stopping at a friend’s house was your toothbrush, and it was never a fun experience. Okay, okay, it will hardly be the end of the world if you happen to leave your toothbrush at home. I’m sure there are plenty of places near your accommodation that sell toothbrushes, in fact your hotel might even provide them. But if you’re travelling overnight or on a long journey, you may want to brush your teeth on the flight or as soon as you land, which you won’t be able to do if you never brought your toothbrush in the first place.

If you remember all of these things, and your favorite swimming costume, you should be well on your way to having the perfect relaxing getaway. Holidays are all about having a break and having some time to relax, so if you do happen to forget something, try not to stress about it, or let it ruin your holiday. I’m sure there is some way that you can sort it.

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