Introducing Colour to Your Neutral Kitchen

Introducing Colour to Your Neutral Kitchen

Colour isn’t for everyone, and you often find that when it comes to adding colour to your décor you suddenly get cold feet and worry you’ll ruin the whole room, but there are so many ways to add colour to your décor without going over the top. Colours are the perfect thing to create a stylish room, filled with character and style, it’s just all about getting the right balance. For many, having a neutral base is key, then you can sneak pops of colour into the décor at a later stage, and here’s how…

Add Some Shelving

When you add shelving to a room you are instantly opening it up, adding more storage as well as a space to display items that deserved to be shown off. Adding shelving to your kitchen is ideal for displaying your favourite cook books, some special bottles of wine or even pieces of artwork, and through this you can start to introduce pops of colour. From brightly coloured photo frames, to colourful pieces of art, simply adding a few to the shelving in your kitchen will instantly bring the area of the kitchen to life and give it character.

Bright Backgrounds

You have the chance to be really creative when adding colour to your kitchen, as there are so many different ways in which you can do it. Adding a splash of colour to the back of cupboards is one way that many people overlook. If you have biscuit shaker units, white matte finishes or cream coloured worktops, then this added colour will work really well. Use the back of the cupboard to add some brightly coloured paint or wallpaper too, and every time you open your cupboards you’ll be greeted with a pop of colour. The great thing about this feature is that it’s not always on show, so for those unsure about the constant colours, it will be much easier for you to work with.

Utensils & Crockery

Every mealtime requires at least one form of crockery, and it’s the perfect way to bring some colour to the table, literally. Coloured crockery is perfect for livening up the surfaces in your kitchen, whilst keeping the main décor style neutral and calm. You can find so many stunning sets that have stylish designs and bold patterns to add a little extra character. Similarly, you can opt for brightly coloured utensils, which could be positioned in a stylish pot on your countertop, or hanging on the wall. These simple touches will really help to brighten your décor without making permanent changes, so it’s much better for keeping a simple yet stylish look.

Bursts of Nature

Having plants in your home is very beneficial for a number of reasons. Not only will they help keep the room fresh and bright, but they also help your health, mood and mindset, so it’s really worth having them. You can find beautiful plants and flowers in a range of stunning colours that will add a lovely touch to your décor, and the great thing about plants and flowers is that you can switch them up whenever you want. Position them neatly on your worktop, in the centre of the dining table or even on the windowsill to give your kitchen some colour and character.


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