Home Sweet Home: Spruce up Your Rental Apartment

Home Sweet Home: Spruce up Your Rental Apartment

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Everyone is talking about renovating, decorating, and refurbishing their homes, making them look like luxurious little nests. How we’d love to tap ourselves a foamy bath in their tubs with lion feet, drinking our morning coffee in their luscious garden, and inspecting those stainless steel cabinets for finger marks. No, we’re stuck in our old rental apartments, and no landlord seems friendly enough to make these upgrades for us.

Let’s take matters into our own hands and make a lovely home out of that cramped-up space nonetheless. The cranky old landlord should thank you for it – and you can finally enjoy that feeling of luxury as well.

Spruce up your shower

The simple act of upgrading your shower head can make a huge difference to your bathroom. A lot of veteran renters do this immediately when moving into a new place; it’s the easiest way to ensure a wonderful shower every time. Have a look at the faucets in your rental as well, as these are usually easy to replace and upgrade.

It will make a difference in your kitchen as well as your bathroom; while you can’t throw away the entire sink, you can make it look a lot better.

Functional furniture

When your apartment is small and dollhouse-like, it’s a good idea to get furniture that you can use for multiple things. Beds with extra storage underneath, for example, or extra space to work in for your kitchen by ordering yourself a handy little trolley. That way, you’ll be able to use it for whatever you had in mind while also making your space a lot neater.

Browse the web for inspirational ideas and check out Resource Furniture while you’re at it. A small apartment looks a lot smaller when it’s messy, so stack away everything you’re not using and get it out of sight as soon as possible.

Swap out the wallpaper

If you’re up for a bigger project, you can always get your overalls out and paint the whole place once and for all. Most people shy away from this with a rental place, though, and even if your landlord has nothing against a project like this, it’s annoying to spend time on something that’s not yours.

Stick a new and vibrant wallpaper on that wall instead; there are a lot of great removable wallpapers out there for tenants like us. Make it extra stunning and have a look at Plank and Mill, by the way, their peel and stick wood will make you fall in love with your home all over again.

Change your lamps

An original and funky-looking light fixture can add a bit of attitude to your dull rental apartment. Changing them isn’t as tricky as you might think, you just need to make sure the power is off, first of all. Get some DIY inspiration from this article and ask a friend to help you out with the dirty work so that you can attach the wires with both hands.

All it takes is a weekend or two to transform your sad-looking apartment to something out of an interior design magazine. Get the style you love, and start to look forward to finally showing off your home to friends and family.


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