Little Things Mean A Lot… 4 Questions To Ask Yourself When Struggling To Sell Up

Little Things Mean A Lot... 4 Questions To Ask Yourself When Struggling To Sell Up


As if selling your home isn’t difficult enough, there are many things that stand in the way from us finally getting rid of our property and moving on with our lives. There is nothing more frustrating than having to put your home on the market and wait for someone to make an offer, but there are some questions you need to ask yourself if you’re not able to sell your home as easily as you think. Let’s have a look.

Are There Any Issues With The House?

And especially major issues that you are overlooking, or are there tiny problems that could be fixed simply? Sometimes it’s best to get a different opinion on these matters so you may want to have a home inspection where a professional can look at every aspect of your home and find out if there are major issues stopping people from jumping to sign on the dotted line. Remember, it’s not just the large issues, it could be something small that buyers can’t get over, especially if it’s a stylistic choice you made. Remember you need to make your home as much of a blank canvas as possible for buyers so they can picture themselves living in it.

Have You Priced It Too High?

If you’re dead set on your home going for a specific price and it’s not selling, you may want to think about coming down in price because the fact is the house is only worth what people are willing to pay for it. Have a look at houses in your neighborhood that are up for sale, and if yours is going at a higher rate, then it’s very likely that you have priced it too high. But if you are adamant that you want to sell it for your original price, then you need to decide whether to make upgrades to your home or wait for a change in the market.

Does Your Home “Show Well?”

You may have gone to a lot of trouble to make your home look fantastic in the photographs. But if you haven’t been making sure that the upkeep is maintained, or you simply moved everything back to the way it was before taking the pictures it may be that people will form a different opinion of your home when they look at it in person. So try and keep it to the style it was advertised as, but you could also move things around to make sure there is enough light getting into the room, or you could remove any furniture that’s bulky. You need to be sure that nothing is getting in the way of buyers falling in love with your home, even if that thing in the way is a mahogany sideboard!

Little Things Mean A Lot... 4 Questions To Ask Yourself When Struggling To Sell Up

Do People Know It’s For Sale?

A common, yet overlooked problem. People now search for prospective homes online rather than taking note of a “for sale” sign outside a property, so if you can make your home listed on the major real estate sites you will be getting yourself out there to as many people as possible.

These are little things, but these little things mean a lot when it comes to selling your home, remember that, and make the changes!


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