Checklist To Ensure A Safe Travel

Checklist To Ensure A Safe Travel

Safe travel isn’t a matter of chance. It’s a matter of choice. Whether you’re travelling alone or with family, friends and neighbors, you have to put safety as your top priority. And if you’re taking a road trip, it starts with the all-important element- your vehicle.

A checklist to ensure a safe travel includes the following points.

  • Vehicle inspection

Your vehicle and its performance can make or break your trip. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time at service stations or waiting for tow-trucks, make sure you take a good look at your car. Ensure the following:

Tire pressure is optimum.

Tires are not worn out or in need of replacement any time soon. Good treads are imperative for road grip.

Spare tire is properly inflated and placed in a safe position.

Coolant levels are normal.

The air conditioning is an important part of your trip, so make sure it’s working okay, which includes checking the refrigerant.

Check your lights, brakes, wiper blades and indicators as well. A used kia optima comes with ABS brakes and braking assist, traction control, fog and driving lights, turn signal in the mirrors and front and rear reading lights, among many other cool features.

Clean your car really well. Throw out wrappers, clean up cables and tools, and vacuum the insides to eliminate any odors, hair, fur and other things that might make your trip uncomfortable.

Make sure your documentation is in order. Insurance, car papers and the rest must be in place so you have no untoward incidents on your trip.

  • Road Maps

A road map is imperative especially for those pockets where you might not always have internet for GPS. You can buy a map booklet or download your trip route off a Maps app. It can save you in a crunch situation and give you guidance and help.

  • Kid Supplies

Especially with kids, carry food and snacks and beverages so you can keep them busy. Throw in music, games and enough activity so you don’t have a car full of antsy children. This is vital for you and them.

  • Medication

With kids and elders, it’s important to keep their regular medication in the car, at an easily accessible place, along with water. Apart from this, carry a medical emergency kit for any issues you may encounter.

  • Proper attire and gear

A planned trip gives you a huge advantage in that you know where you’re going. Keep the expected weather and terrain in mind when you pack. This will help you with saving time and space.

  • Reservations

You must have all the details of your hotels and tours. Check in and check out time, opening times for exhibits and attractions are all essential. Do your research and make sure that you have the most fun holiday you can.

If you’re travelling out of the country, make sure your passport and permit papers are in order. Also make sure that you’ve got all the required vaccinations and are not carrying anything that may get you in trouble abroad!


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