First Date Etiquette We All Need to Get Reacquainted With

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Right now, we live in a world where everything is digitized. Almost everyone walking the streets of a city can be found with a smartphone in their pocket—or in their hands, even—and communication has become less organic and more synthetic. The Internet rules every aspect of our life, including dating.

A lot of people today use online dating services to find their soulmate. The first contact is made through a chat in an app or website, which then may or may not escalate to a real life meeting. If you are one of the lucky ones who get to meet that special someone you have been chatting with for weeks, congratulations! You have arrived at your first date with this person, which means it is up to you to make a good first impression.

Even though you have been communicating back and forth for quite some time, this will be the first time you are meeting this person for real. Ultimately, you are meeting a stranger—a stranger you want to impress. As you have probably known, the impression left after a first date is the thing that will determine whether there will be a second date or not. Sounds daunting? It doesn’t need to be. Get yourself well-versed in these first date etiquette, and that second date will be in your hands even before you walk into the restaurant.

Don’t be Late

If there is anything all women hate universally, it is a date who is late. Being late will immediately leave a bad taste in the mouth, even when the rest of the date went well. But, things happen. If you know you’ll be late for more than 10 minutes, please text her and let her know. It will leave them feeling better and perhaps give them a favorable impression of you.

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If you are picking up your date from her house, be advised that not all women like men who show up early. Some think this is just as bad as showing up late as it forces them to hurry up and finish getting dressed. So, rule #1 is to be on time and don’t leave your date hanging!

Put in Some Effort and Go That Extra Mile

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For many people, both men and women, first dates are filled with conundrums and shrouded with mystery. Women love when their men show that they care, but some gestures are just too grand for first dates and can leave her feeling burdened instead. Want to know the thing that can make her smile without being too overbearing or pushy? Flowers! Greet her with a bouquet of red roses, and you will get a warm smile as a response. It doesn’t even have to be red roses. If you know her favorite flowers, such as orchids or peonies, you can bring her that instead.

Keep Your Phone in Your Pants

Yes, throughout the duration of date. The most interesting person is sitting across you right now, so why would you concentrate on your phone? Unless your sister is giving birth or there is some other emergency, put your phone down. Right now, you need to give your undivided attention to your potential love interest. Playing with your phone indicates that something else is more important and could even signal that you think she is boring or unattractive.

Attempt to Make Eye Contact

Eyes are the window to the soul. Women are experts in the eye contact game, but some men can find it hard to make eye contact. If this is an area you know you are lacking in, perhaps it is wise to tell your date as she might think you are just not that into her.

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Scientists say men gaze at the women they think are beautiful twice as long as if they are looking at those they deem less attractive. But honestly, women can sense these things and don’t really need a stopwatch to measure how long you are looking into their eyes.

Be a Good Listener

A girl can always tell if your head is in the air. It’s normal to be totally uninterested in a certain type of conversation, especially on first dates. But at least listen to what she is saying and give a response that is more than just “Mm-hmm.” Even better, you can ask questions and create a dialogue. When she keeps talking yet gets zero feedback from you,  your date could be over before you have the chance to say sorry.

Throw Out Compliments

Who doesn’t like to receive compliments? When someone says, “Oh, stop!” when you say something nice about them, they don’t really want you to stop. It’s more like, “Please continue.” Over-complimenting can make you look fake, so keep it simple. “You look lovely” always works wonders. You are complimenting both her appearance and her effort in getting ready for the date at the same time. While you’re at it, bring along some flowers to go the extra mile. We like Roses Only Singapore.

Don’t Talk about Your Ex

This is a crucial, crucial rule that somehow not all men know by instinct. First dates are about a new beginning, and you can delve into the subject later when your relationship has evolved to a more serious stage. Talking about your ex—or worse, talking bad about your ex—at this stage could shine an unfavorable light to yourself.

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While you are putting a good amount of effort for the first date, you need to evaluate whether your date does the same. After all, a relationship is a two-way street and you can’t be the one who is making all the effort all the time. A successful relationship is a well-balanced one. This is about you as much as it is about her. So, if you’re feeling like this first date isn’t what you expected it to be in a negative way, don’t be afraid to cut the night short. In the end, you are the one who knows what is best for you.


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