The Perfect Hawaiian Destination Wedding

The Perfect Hawaiian Destination Wedding
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Couples are spending more than ever before on their weddings. In February 2017 the average wedding cost more than $35000.00 which is an 8% increase over the weddings of 2015.

According to wedding experts, The Knot, the number of guests invited to this life-changing event has decreased. This indicates that the weddings of today are not growing larger. Instead, the weddings are being more customized and the guests are being more pampered.

While many people save for years for their weddings, others place financial priority on education and careers. For this couple, having the wedding of their dreams creates a challenge, but not one that cannot be overcome. The couple with dreams of a beautiful, unique, and unforgettable wedding, the destination wedding is a perfect solution

Destination Hawaii

Hawaii has always been a very popular wedding destination with there beautiful Hawaii all inclusive packages. There is little doubt that Hawaii is one of the most beautiful areas in the world. Crystal clear shores, beautiful beaches, tropical plants, Hawaiian culture and foods fit for royalty are just a few of the perks of a Hawaiian Paradise wedding.

Luxury is inclusive

There are several all inclusive packages for the island lovers. From the traditional Hawaiian Lei greeting at the airport to the champagne and chocolate covered strawberries, to the luxury hotel accommodations, every detail is considered.

Of course, there are many packages that allow you to have the wedding and honeymoon of your dreams. They include:

Tours of the Hawaiian Islands

Beautiful luxury sweets


Picnics with fine silverware, dishes, and island delicacies and culture-specific foods


Custom itineraries which can include romantic sunset cruises, Luau complete with fire-dancing, shopping, touring volcano’s, historical locations, and much more

Crowdfunding at its best

The modern couple wants their once in a lifetime wedding experience. Crowdfunding sites allow the couple to set up honeymoon registries that allow their guests to give them gifts that contribute toward their dream wedding.

Their honeymoon registry is created with the destination wedding and honeymoon packages in mind. Instead of a traditional registry, that would like things like a cappuccino machine, their site will list a special evening event, hotel luxury treatment, or other expense.

Here are some great crowdfunding tips to help you understand better. There are free honeymoon registries, such as Plumfund. Most of the sites are free for those who use it to gift the couple. There are premium options out there that are available for a reasonable fee, but the basic site is more than sufficient and it is free.

Let them have it all!

The modern couple can have it all. They can have their beautiful wedding on the beaches of Honolulu in the most beautiful wedding gowns, and the honeymoon they dream of. They can begin their lives together in paradise.

The family and friends of the couple are sure to appreciate the convenience and security that is afforded to them by the use of the crowdfunding account. The stress of trying to select the perfect gift is eliminated. The embarrassment of watching the bride open someone else’s gift (which is just like theirs) is eradicated. They become part of the couple’s special day, which will live in their hearts and minds forever.

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