Why is Coffered Ceiling a Good Investment

Why is Coffered Ceiling a Good Investment
Why is Coffered Ceiling a Good Investment

Have you ever heard of coffered or box beam ceilings? They are those dramatic looking grid-style ceilings made up of a pattern of square or rectangular boxes. Usually within each box there is decorative crown molding, and along with the height of the beams, gives the effect of recessed ceiling panels. Jason Tilton of Tilton Coffered Ceilings tells us more about coffered ceilings on the infographic below.

Although once reserved for the most expensive of homes and buildings, coffered ceilings are now more affordable than ever. Having a professionally installed coffered ceiling costs less than other popular home remodel projects, like a kitchen or bathroom facelifts or a new deck. Your own DIY box-beam ceiling cost would add up to even lower.

If you eventually have plans to sell your home it’s wise to consider whether the work you’re putting into it is worth what you’ll get. In other words, are the remodels you’re choosing to do a good investment. Occasionally very extravagant remodels that look stunning don’t often end up being a good investment. However, coffered ceilings are an interesting remodel idea because they do increase the overall appeal of your home, even if the monetary ROI isn’t high.

It is difficult to say if investing in a coffered ceiling will dramatically raise the price value of your home, but it is agreed that it will raise the appeal of your home to potential buyers. This is especially true if you home has the more commonly seen 9′ ceilings, which happen to be a perfect height for box beam design. Although an increase in price value is always a bonus, it can be argued that ensuring your home is remembered by potential buyers is even more important.

A box beam ceiling is an excellent way of ensuring that your house stands out from others in your area. Even if the rest of your home isn’t as impressive as others, you can bet that buyers will remember your house as the one with the stunning, expensive ceiling. That can mean all the difference when it comes to how long your house will be on the market.

Why is Coffered Ceiling a Good Investment


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