How to spice up your bedroom

How to spice up your bedroom

Your bedroom should be the most comfortable and relaxing place in your house. This article discusses a number of ways of spicing up your bedroom.

De-clutter and clean your bedroom

Get rid of items and furniture that you do not need in your bedroom. Invest in furniture that has multiple uses. The aim of these initiatives is to keep your room tidy and to clear your space. You can donate these items or store them in storage boxes and suitcases. A clutter-free space is more relaxing.

Keep your bedroom clean and tidy. Sweep and mop the floor especially below your bed and other furniture. Vacuum the carpet, clean your curtains and beddings. Dust off the baseboards, ceiling fans, electronics and other surfaces. Remember to clean the glass of mirrors and windows.

Add some decorations

  • Photos and pictures on the wall

Hang photos of your family members and other meaningful events in your bedroom. These photos help you reflect on things that bring happiness to you. Happiness brings relaxation.

Use similar frames to hang your artwork such that it looks like a gallery. Consider using tapestries to create an elegant look on your walls. Tapestries are a great way of creating a bold statement and a renter-friendly look. They are also cheap. Consider rearranging your artwork to create a different look.

Mix floral patterns in your wallpapers, photos and other items in the bedroom. These floral elements create an inviting, cozy and soft feel. Try to mix and match these items.

  • Add plants and flowers

Plants make a space more beautiful and natural. They also purify the air in your bedroom. Consider investing in succulents and cacti because they are easier to maintain compared to other plants. Put your plants in beautiful baskets and ceramic pots to add more elegance to your bedroom.

 Put some fresh beautiful flowers in a vase. These flowers create a natural look that is very relaxing in the bedroom.

  • Decorate the furniture

Use patterned wallpapers, textiles and color accents to decorate your furniture. You can put these decorations on nightstands, closets, lampshades or other surfaces.

Add a scent to your bedroom

A good scent creates a relaxing mood in the bedroom. Candles, blooms, oil diffuser and incense are great source of lovely scent. Other sources include lavender, jasmine and rosemary which add a calming effect to the bedroom. Most people prefer floral scents because they boost the feeling of happiness and have the ability of calming an exhausted mind. You can spray your beddings once in a while.

Use of lighting

 You can manipulate lights to create an amazing look in your bedroom. For instance, add some string lights above your bed and curtains to create a relaxing and welcoming mood. You could opt for a bedside lamp or candles as a source of light in your bedroom. Use dimmer lighting for chandeliers. Explore various decorative lighting in the market.

Add more comfort to your space

  • Add a layer rug

 Place a layer rug under your bed. It acts as a soft landing place for your feet .Consider using a patterned rug which adds more elegance to your bedroom.

  • Upgrade your beddings

Your beddings have to be very comfortable and fashionable. They should be soft and fluffy. Use beddings that have beautiful colors. The pillows should be firm and have a good texture depending on your personal preferences. Your mattress should be firm enough to support your body. Consider adding a body pillow for more comfort when sleeping. Invest in best bamboo sheets because they are soft and durable. These sheets have temperature regulating properties. They also have antifungal and antibacterial properties.


There are many options of headboards. You can pick natural-looking, ornate irons or soft fabric headboard. If you choose a fabric headboard, choose one that rhymes with your beddings. A good headboard adds coziness and elegance.

Painting the walls

Paint your walls with soothing colors. Neutral colors such as light grey, brown, green, gold, yellow beige and cream are great for a bedroom. Avoid bold colors because they make it difficult to relax. Colors that are associated with nature are the most appealing.

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