Drinking 101: Budget Friendly Drink Mixes


Among all the drink s in the world, liquor has to be one of the most diverse of the bunch. From wine to beer, liquor offers a good variety to different kinds of people looking for a good drink. But sometimes, some of these good drinks come at a hefty price, and your wallet might take a good hit. Luckily, there are some affordable liquor mixes that would satisfy your thirst for some good alcohol. Here is a list of drink mixes that won’t break the bank.

  1. Rum and Root Beer

One of the more classic combinations on this list, root beer mixes well with different kinds of alcohol, and rum is no exception. The best kind of rum to pair with your root beer is spiced rum, which makes the flavors mix better. Root beer is also a great alternative to your regular cola, which is also a nice mix option.

  1. The Bullseye

Beer would always be best served cold with a strong and bitter taste, but adding a few new ingredients in the mix may give you a new liquor experience that you would enjoy. For this mix, all you need is a can of beer, sugar, ginger ale, and lime juice. Mix them well until the sugar dissolves, and serve it cold. You now have a uniquely-flavored drink that you could surprise your friends with the next time you go on another drinking session.

  1. Vodka Sprite

Vodka is one of the more affordable kinds of liquor available, and this simple combination would just give it the extra flavor it needs. Just add some Sprite to your vodka, and serve with ice cold. You can experiment the amount of vodka and Sprite you can put into your glass to give that perfect balance of flavor as well.

  1. Hemmingway’s Lemonade

For literary fans, here is a nice drink mix that you might like to try. This mix requires pure (not powdered) lemonade, and some good whiskey. The strong flavor of the whiskey matches well with the sourness of the lemonade, which would make a good option for those looking for a hard drink. You can also experience the drink of a literary great as well.

  1. Gin Pomelo (and other juices)

Gin is a very popular form of liquor known for packing a punch while being affordable at the same time. This mix is one of the most popular drink mixes around parties. All you need are some good bottles of gin, and packets of powdered pomelo. This combination of strong and sweet would make your drink one of the most popular mixes around. You can also use different juice flavors, such as orange, grape, and lemon, which give you more variety in your next round of drinks.

Key Takeaway

Liquor are fun drinks that we sometimes have to pay a high price to experience. But with these wonderful drink mix combinations, you are sure to enjoy quality drinks, while making sure that you are on budget. Suggest these mixes to your friends the next time to decide to go drinking on a budget.


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