3 Perfect Beverage Options For Your Next Summer BBQ

3 Perfect Beverage Options For Your Next Summer BBQ

One of the common beverages to have at a summer BBQ is soda. It’s easy to supply because all you have to do is go to the store to get a few bottles in different flavors that guests will like. Beer is another staple that you’ll find at a summer BBQ. However, if there are children at the event and everyone will be driving home, you don’t need to serve a lot of alcoholic beverages. There are a few options that are perfect for your BBQ that will quench a thirst and might be healthy as well.


While the traditional fresh lemonade is delicious for a summer BBQ, there are other ideas that you could use with this beverage. Add a few blueberries and blackberries for a refreshing taste as well as a drink that is beautiful in color as the blue and purple of the berries will start to blend with the yellow of the lemonade. Strawberries also pair well with lemonade. An idea is to make a large pitcher of lemonade with bowls of fresh fruits that guests can put in their cups.

Healthy Options

Water bottles with natural flavorings that have zero calories, like those offered by Monin, are an idea to keep in mind if you don’t want to offer sodas and sugary drinks. Set up a table with a variety of beverages for guests to choose from, including water bottles in ice and flavoring options that guests can add to their water. This is a healthy option for those who might not be able to have a lot of sugar in the diet. Individual water bottles are also a good idea as everyone can write a name on the label or an initial on the lid so that no one has their beverage thrown away or stolen.

Fruit Daiquiris

If you want to add a little alcohol to your summer BBQ, then consider pairing it with fresh fruit. Use anything from peaches to watermelon or mangoes for a delightful drink. The colors say summer, and the flavors are refreshing since you use fruits instead of prepackaged ingredients. You can use rum as a base or orange juice if you want a non-alcoholic option.

When you host a summer BBQ, you need to have a variety of beverages. Aside from cans or bottles of beer, offer something light and refreshing. You also need to think about children who are attending and what they would enjoy.


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