5 DIY Ideas to Fix Up the Garage

5 DIY Ideas to Fix Up the Garage

It’s a mistake to allow a garage to fall into disrepair. A garage that is in good condition can boost a home’s value and even cut down on its ongoing expenses. Fortunately, it’s fairly easy to bring a damaged or neglected garage back into good repair. There are plenty of DIY projects that are simple enough for almost every homeowner that can lead to massive improvements.

Improved Insulation and Sealing

Plenty of garages include a heating system to make it comfortable in the winter. Unfortunately, most garages are poorly insulated, so they leak heat into the environment very quickly. That forces the heater to do more work to maintain the temperature, which wastes energy and raises the power bill. Installing a layer of insulation will help to prevent heat from escaping, which will cut down on that bill and make the garage more comfortable. There are several different types of insulation to choose from, so most people can find something appropriate fairly easily.

Insulation is most useful for heated garages, but those that lack heating can still benefit from improved sealing. Even a small gap in the wall will let in cold air and chill the garage. Sealing those cracks is easy, and it will boost the temperature far more than insulation will in an unheated structure.

Passive Solar Heating

Garages that lack heaters can solve that problem through a passive solar system, which collects heat from sunlight and harnesses it for the garage. There are several options, but the cheapest is to build a passive heater from some soda cans, an old window, insulation, and black paint. It’s a quick project, but it will make a big difference for any garage that has access to natural light.

Rain Collection

Rainwater is suitable for any use other than human consumption, and even that is possible after purification. Collecting it can eliminate a large chunk of a home’s water bill, and setting up a collection system is an easy project. Simply install a gutter that runs around the roof of the garage if one is not already there, and put a reservoir under the drainage pipe to collect the water. Place a great over all of the openings into the system to prevent leaves and other solids from entering it. An old barrel will work, but it’s best to choose one with a cap to make sure no debris enters the barrel.

Sensors and Alarms

People who want to save money by getting the cheapest insurance for their cars and home should consider installing security alarms or environmental sensors. They can significantly reduce the risk of damage to the home, so insurance companies are happy to offer discounts to people who install them. The precise deal will vary from one company to the next, so it’s important to check individual policies prior to installation, but this is often the most cost effective DIY project for a garage.

Garden Trays

Any garage with a window has room for a garden. A window tray won’t hold a huge number of plants, but it’s a great option for growing herbs for the kitchen. Starting the garden is as easy as attaching a tray to the window sill, filling each section with dirt, and putting a couple of seeds in it. After that, all it will need is regular watering and an occasional dose of fertilizer or plant food. This is a very simple project that needs regular attention, so it’s a great choice for people with kids who want to get involved.

For one such project, you definitely need to contact a certified local garage contractor for the job of installing CCTV cameras, security theft alarms and sensors, as a DIY installation of such devices is not advised, unless you’re experienced in it. (This newly created sentence can be placed just after the existing sentence, which starts with the words “It’s a quick project”).

Get Started On Your Garage

Every homeowner has the ability to improve their garage through a DIY project. Some of the projects are more difficult than others, but none of them are impossible for a dedicated worker. They do require some effort, but the benefits of completing a DIY project are more than big enough to justify putting in the work.


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