7 Things Only Writers Understand About the Writing Life

7 Things Only Writers Understand About the Writing Life

A life of a writer has always been of much interest to many people. It looks easy (just grab a pen and compose that novel) and pretty cool (that’s why a lot of writers tend to look pretentious).

However, not all people realize how many pitfalls every writer faces daily. Their artistic paths are all different, yet there are things they can all relate to. And here are just a few things they all have in common.

And if you are wondering what these things are, read on: you will definitely get surprised, believe us!

7 things you must know about writers’ lives

  1. Writing for a living is not a hobby.
    Writing is not as easy as most people think. By the end of the day after brainstorming for ideas, looking for interesting plots in history and researching you cannot make yourself process another thought!
    So, whenever people look at you and say “Oh I wish I could leave my job and do what you do all day long – that would be such a relief!” you have to gather all your strengths and try your best not to punch that person in a face!
    It’s not like you are enjoying a hobby 24/7. You have deadlines and expectations to meet, and creative ideas are easy to catch and use. So, one thing writers know about their work is that they are often underestimated as if they are doing less of a job.
  2. You often get lost in books.
    If you are a writer, reading is your hideaway. You dive into books whenever you feel overwhelmed or exhausted. You seek comfort and inspiration there. Your room looks like a library (though after a major explosion). Your books are covering all the surfaces, and sometimes you find them in the most unexpected places.
    And yes, you do not think that spending tons of money on books is wasting your money. On the contrary, you find such an investment extremely wise!
  3. You like to listen to other people talk.
    You hold your breath every time an interesting character starts talking: it is not because you are a sociopath or something, but rather because you are trying to grasp his ideas and use them when writing.
    In other words, you are open for new opportunities and keep your eyes wide open: who knows when you spot a new character for a book you are working on right now?
  4. You exaggerate. All. The. Time.
    Books that are written in a down-to-earth manner are hard to sell. That is why, authors tend to exaggerate when working on a piece.
    And since writing is something you cannot separate from your real nature, you tend to exaggerate in real life too. Friends might even mock you because of that, but you don’t mind, because you know they’re right!
  5. You face writer’s block every other and then.
    People often believe that writing is a simple task: all you need is to sit down, craft a plan, give your characters names, and enjoy the process. Only those who really work in this area know how many hours you spend staring at a blank page having no idea what to write about and how to overcome a block you are facing.
    Moreover, whenever you feel inspired, you tend to work hard without taking breaks – and as a result in the end you get to the point of a real burnout.
  6. There is no better feeling than when a great idea pops up in your head.
    This is something every creative guru faces: that euphoria you feel whenever a good idea pops up. This is the feeling which is almost impossible to explain. It is something you need to be a writer to experience.
    It is like a drop of water in the dessert or a ray of hope in the wilderness. The problem is that before you get that moment, you cannot think of anything else but the writing. You seem to be swamped. You are concentrated and determined to have ideas generated in your mind.
    And then after hours of a tiring search you get exactly what you were looking for! (I get goosebumps from even just talking about it!)
  7. People ask you to write something for them a lot.
    Finally, there is this common thing most writers go through with their families, friends, and significant others.
    Everyone feels like you are responsible for their writing assignments. “Could you please help your niece with this school assignment she is currently dealing with?” “Oh, do you remember your cousin Josh? Well, he is working as an HR manager, and was wondering if you could help him create decent job descriptions.” Or something like “Leslie, you are a writer, right? Could you please help me polish my memos?”
    You are not responsible for other people’s tasks only because you happened to be more talented in this area that they are! And you so desperately want people to remember that (but you know it’s never going to happen!)

Being a writer is a joy for so many gifted people. But it always comes with its tiny pitfalls. Not only you are the master of your time and need to learn how to use your writing time productively (deadlines won’t wait!) but also you have to deal with other people’s expectations. We know how that feels, so be strong!

Sophia Clark graduated from the University in the City of New York with B.A. in Journalism, 2011. She is a creative writer from New York who loves to share her thoughts with readers. In her free time, she enjoys writing fiction as well as reading it. Her big dream is to publish a novel one day. Connect with her on Twitter and Google +.


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