6 Pallet Projects You Could Do To Improve Your Home

6 pallet projects to improve the home

Do you have wood pallets stuck on your garage? Make use of these sturdy materials by crafting DIY projects for your home. From chairs, tables, doors, signs, to many others – there’s just too many things that’s possible with wood pallets. Plus, you’d be surprised on how easy and budget-friendly they are!

Have you tried making one? If not, here’s a list of 6 pallet projects that you could try to improve your home’s internal design.

pallet project bed headboard

Pallets make great headboards – and it’s worth the effort in making one. You just need to clean it, sand it until smooth, and of course, put in a few details like what Cathey with an E did to her headboard. Check out her tutorial so you can have your very own pallet headboard to display!

pallet project wine rack for home

If you do have a thing for wines and have no space to display it, you can try this project. Just cut the pallets to particular sizes, remove extra slats, and sand them until they are all smooth. You can even add some colors for a personal touch! Try the tutorial here.

pallet project home wall clock

This project may need quite a handful of steps before you finish it which may include the cutting off of the pallets, taking them out so you can lay them evenly in rows, shaping them to a circle, and putting in the details for a wall clock. But don’t worry, you can always ask for help like 2crafty4myskirt did. Plus, you get to bond with the family by just doing the project!

pallet project homemade bookcase

Have you ever had an antique bookcase that has been with you for years, through the storms and the sunny days? If you want to still keep it, because time will come that it may wear out and break, you can try Jennifer Fancher’s DIY pallet bookcase tutorial. Basically, you’ll just need to attach some wood pallets onto the back to support the material, and of course, to lengthen its life span.

pallet project cooler

Hosting family picnics and dinner parties in your garden? This DIY pallet cooler is just the right project for you! Just a few measurements, cutting, sanding, and painting – and you’re good to go. The catch? It’s really handy!

pallet project home living wall

If you’re planning to get some plants popping up on your living area, then you can opt for this living wall (also vertical garden) DIY pallet project. Definitely, it would make your living room look pleasant and refreshing at the same time. Additionally, you get to incorporate greenery within your home – further reducing building up of stress and also purifying the air especially when it’s particularly hot outside.

Key Takeaway

Wood pallets are sturdy and practical materials that you can use for decorating your home. With all these DIY ideas, definitely there are a lot you could choose from to make such crafts and beautify your space without spending too much.

Hurry up and DIY your very own pallet project now!

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