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Where we want to live or where we should live often changes as we progress through certain stages in our life. The place we will be happy living when we are twenty won’t be the same as where we want to be in your forties when we might have a full family. Choosing the right place to live is always going to be an important decision. It’s not just a massive financial commitment. It could impact how happy we feel and our overall quality of life.

That’s why it is worth exploring the different possibilities for your place of residence and discovering which one would suit you the best.

Starting A Family?

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If you’re starting a family, there are a few things that you want from your home. You want it to be secure, with enough space and breathing room that you don’t feel overcrowded. That’s why most new couples often look for homes with three or more bedrooms and a couple of bathrooms. There’s nothing worse than having to queue to complete your ablutions in the morning when you’re late for work.

Couples also often look for a home with an area to play outside that is safe for their kids in a location where there are other families that they can connect with. This is the ideal option for the new family, so what type of property are we looking at here?

One of the best possibilities would be to buy in a cul de sac. Cul de sacs are great for new families because there is no through road. This limits the speed of the cars on the road outside, reduces levels of traffic and makes the location far more secure. You will also often find that other families gravitate to an area like this, so you’ll be surrounded by couples who are often a similar age to you.

You may want to expand this idea and look for a property in a planned neighborhood. Planned neighborhoods actually directly control who lives there. So, if you live in a planned family neighborhood, you can all but guarantee that most of the homes will be families with one or more children.

As for a safe place to play, you will find that planned neighborhoods often have a wide space of green somewhere between the housing. This is usually a communal area where children can play together while in clear view of the houses on the street.

Single Professional

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Of course, you might be at the stage in your life where you are single, oblivious to family and completely focused on your career. As mentioned, your choice of home is going to be considerably different to that new family. You’ll want somewhere that’s quiet while being close enough to the action that you can enjoy your weekends. If you’re earning a good income, you might also be interested in exploring luxury options that allow you to truly enjoy life. If this sounds familiar, you should be looking for an executive condo. Executive condos are often located in residential buildings made up almost entirely of working professionals. As such, you won’t have to worry about a neighbor blasting loud music through the wall. What about those luxuries lifestyle choices? Often, these residential properties have various perks for owners and tenants such as private pools, deluxe gyms, and stunning modern designs.

The other benefit of this type of home is the added level of security. When you’re at this stage in your life, you might be traveling quite a lot, either for business or for pleasure. During this time, your home will be empty. If it’s in a residential property like this, break ins become less likely, and you can leave home for weeks knowing it will be just as you left it when you return.

Alternatively, you could consider having your cake and eating it too. Research has shown that the most stress-free lifestyle is to live in the city through the week and retreat to a house in the countryside at the weekend. That way, you avoid the commute the office while still getting a great, relaxed weekend. Obviously, this will require you to have a certain level of wealth, but it could be a great investment opportunity. You can rent one property, buy the other and eventually sell the latter when you retire.

When It’s Time To Retire

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Once you arrive at the end of your full-time career or your kids leave home, it’s time to retire and live the good life. But where should you live to enjoy those wonderful twilight years? Again there are a few options. One idea would be to become an expat and move abroad. If you have been a great saver over the years, you can take advantage of the exchange rate, buy a home cheaply and move to a tropical location, by the beach. You just have to be careful that you do choose a property like this carefully and avoid one with expensive issues that need fixing.

Alternatively, you can consider purchasing a bungalow, perhaps in a retirement village. It’s a smart move to buy a bungalow when you retire because climbing up and down stairs, every day can get rather painful once you reach a certain age. A bungalow will give you the easy life, and they can often be found at quite low prices on the market.

Of course, there are also residential blocks specifically for retirees and pensioners. Again, the benefit here is that you’ll be living with people like you, who are seeking the same type of lifestyle. You’ll easily be able to make friends and benefit from the community spirit that often exists in buildings like this.

If you are thinking about moving to a new place when you retire, it’s best to get the move out of the way as soon as possible. Moving home is often very stressful, and it can be incredibly difficult for older individuals, both emotionally and physically.

I hope this guide helps you find the right home for you, no matter what stage you’re at in life.


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