Personal Party Planner: 4 Strategies For The Bash Of The Summer

Personal Party Planner: 4 Strategies For The Bash Of The Summer

The summer season seems to come and go in no time. Don’t let the warm weather go to waste as there are a few fun strategies for planning the ultimate bash with family and friends. The best thing about a summer party is that you don’t need a perfect location as a backyard can be used for an event just like a community center or another venue.

Set Up The Buffet

It’s hot and the middle of summer. You don’t want to spend all your time slaving behind a stove just to prepare food for your guests. Set up a long table with finger foods or dishes that you don’t have to spend a lot of time preparing. Another idea would be to ask guests to bring their favorite dishes so that you have an assortment. Even though it’s still standing near heat, grilling would be an option as well. It’s something that you can do outside while enjoying time with your guests. Include a few drinks on the buffet as well to keep guests cool.

Fun Themes

Before you begin planning the type of food you’re going to serve, you need to think about the theme of the event. It could be something nautical with blue and white along with boats and other items that you would find in the water. Another fun idea would be a luau. Use bright colors, such as yellow and pink, along with flowers, pineapples for decorations and food to go along with the theme. Decide on a simple theme to work with as this will make decorating, food and games a bit easier.

Lights In The Dark

If you don’t want to deal with the heat from the sun, then consider having the event in the evening. Use extension cords, like those from Americord, with lights to make pathways so that guests are safe while walking. Lights can also be draped along the deck or patio or around the top of a carport or tent. The twinkle from the lights will provide an ambiance that makes guests think of the summer season.

Keep It Cool

Your summer party doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, but it should involve a few cooler elements. If there will be children, set up a few water games or a water slide. Even if there’s nothing but adults, consider a few water games that they can play as well. A few friends, a few refreshing drinks and quality conversation along with a few summer songs can make an ultimate bash for the summer season.

When you’re planning a summer event, try to use light colors as they will reflect the bright spirit of the season. Offer drinks and foods that guests will enjoy without spending a lot of time cooking. Have fun celebrating with a few games that will cool everyone off in the heat.


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