What Typical Tourism Guides Never Tell You about Tadoba Tiger Reserve and Tadoba Accommodation

Tadoba Tiger in wildlife

Most of the guides and articles that are available on Tadoba Tiger Reserve deal with the more superficial aspects, like the history and geography of Tadoba, how to reach, the best time of the season to visit, etc. While these are most definitely important, it is also very vital for you to know what the actual ground realities are in terms of the experience that will determine how satisfying your wildlife holiday will be. Some principal aspects of visiting Tadoba wildlife sanctuary:

There’s A Lot More to Tadoba than Just Tigers

For a lot of people, there’s nothing to beat the raw excitement of seeing a magnificent Royal Bengal Tiger strolling across the forest trail with a boisterous litter in tow. However, you do need to keep in mind that even though Tadoba has acquired quite a reputation in recent years for frequent tiger sightings, they can be quite elusive. When on a safari, try and grab every opportunity of spotting the amazing variety of wildlife such as leopards, sloth bears, rusty spotted cat, wild boars, the Palm Civet and the Small Indian Civet, gaur, a large assortment of deer, crocodiles, nilgai, porcupines, langur as well as close to 200 species of birds and a wonderful assortment of reptiles and insects.Little wonder that with this diversity, the resorts at Tadoba national park remain packed the entire year round.

Tadoba Tiger accomodations

The Quality of Your Forest Guide Will Make or Mar Your Trip

While you will be allotted a safari guide by the Forest Department, you should insist on getting someone of repute.Otherwise, aimlessly wandering around in the forest with an inexperienced tiger tracker will be frustratingand a complete waste of time and money. You should refer to some of the specialist resources available online as well as friends who have had a good experience at Tadoba to identify the highly-rated guides.

Make it a point to interview your guide to establish if he’s indeed experienced and up to date with recent tiger movements and the best. Ensure you engage the same tracker for all the safaris you undertake on a particular trip.

Tadoba Tiger cheetah

On the Ground

You will need to be very alert and have enormous patience, and also be able to keep absolutely silent to avoid scaring away the animals. Wear clothing that covers your limbs to protect yourself from dust, insects as well as sharp and thorny vegetation that can scratch you badly. A face mask to cover your nose and save you from inhaling the dust is a must. It can get quite chilly in the morning or at night so wear layered clothing that you can adjust. It is better to avoid getting distracted by photography with low-quality equipment and instead focus on the surroundings.


When visiting Tadoba remember not to get sidetracked with multiple issues. Go all out to grab the experience of a lifetime by getting up and close with nature at its best. If you don’t see a tiger, there’s always another time.

Author Bio: Bill Williams manages one of the most luxurious resorts at Tadoba national park. A keen wildlife enthusiast, he has can keep listeners enthralled with stories of his experiences in the forest.


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