Undeniable Proof That You Need These 2017 Home Decor Trends

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Gone are the days of floral curtains and matching throw pillows. This year has seen many changes to trends within interior design, and thankfully, these new trends are much easier on our eyes than previous design trends. From renovations to home decor, have a look at some of the trends that have taken off in 2017

Open Plan Living

It can be argued that an open plan living space took off years ago, however, 2017 has seen a mass of people renovating or restyling to make their home more open. An open plan living space is a great place to share those special moments with family or friends, and is much more inviting than separate areas that have been seen in previous decades. There is nothing nicer than being able to come home after a longs day work and still be able to chat to your partner in the living area as you cook dinner in the kitchen. The best part of creating an open plan space in your home is styling it with some new modern contemporary furniture, whilst the addition of other elements of decor in this list add to the vibe of your newly styled home.


Want the perfect colouring for your new open plan living space? The demand for terracotta is taking over. When you think of terracotta, you wouldn’t be wrong if floor and roof tilings are the first thing that springs to mind. Yet, there is so much more that can be done with this. From a terracotta colour scheme on your walls to terracotta pots, there is so much that can be done with this trend to create the perfect earthy vibe in your home. The best part about the terracotta trend is that the colouring will match almost anything in your home, therefore you do not need to put that much thought or effort into the rest of your decor. Whether you decide to paint your new open plan space, add some new houseplants pots, or change your tilings to terracotta, this style is sure to suit any household and add to its ambience.

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What else goes better with terracotta and an open plan living space? Nice greenery of course. Pairing some vines with a terracotta pot can create an uplifting and stylish vibe to your home while making your house guests green with envy. Or perhaps you would like to reverse the colour scheme and opt for green walls matched with terracotta pots and bright houseplants to break the earthiness. With so many tones of green paint available you are sure to find the perfect tone to make that open plan living space more welcoming and ensure you create the perfect personality for your home.

So you’ve heard of some of the latest trends, it’s now time to get ahead of the times and not lag behind. Regardless of whether you opt to do it yourself or hire a contractor to assist with creating the perfect home environment, these ideas are sure to inspire you and promise to keep your house on trend.


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