Getting Into Glamping!

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Getting out of the confines of the house can be really refreshing. Our homes might be beautiful, cozy little pads – but spending a lot of time in them can send you slightly stir crazy! Sometimes, the four walls and the roof that we call home can seem a little bit like a prison. There are lots of amazing benefits to our homes, but sometimes – we need to get out and take a break. A break is good, as it allows us to appreciate what we have in our home, breaks are good for anything like that really; so we can avoid taking the comforts of home life for granted.

While there are plenty of luxury getaways in five-star resorts in far-flung destinations from Mexico City, to Bangkok or Dubai – some of the most rewarding vacations are off the beaten track. Music festivals in the middle of the country, nature reserves, farms, forests, mountains, and land. The natural world, in general, holds some gems that can refresh our minds and souls more so than an urban getaway in a typical destination – but these outside experiences do come at a cost; some of the luxuries we take for granted in modern life simply aren’t available in the great outdoors. For some, that might present a serious issue. Something which might derail any plans to enjoy the great outdoors.

We all deserve to enjoy the natural world and for a great, authentic outdoors experience, we should consider forgoing those comforts and luxuries so we can gain a greater sense of appreciation for them, but if our reluctance comes at the cost of a great experience, maybe we need to think about something else? Can we combine luxury and an outdoors experience? Of course, we can! Glamping might be your answer. Glamping? Glamourous camping! It’s certainly more expensive than regular camping, but it can really boost the outdoors experience. What’s more, you’ll be afforded all the comforts you’ll need. Your outdoors experience won’t come at much cost to your comfort!

Glamping experiences are best when chosen as part of some kind of experience – this is mainly to limit the hassle. Glamping experiences can be combined with most festival passes – so you can certainly camp in style at festivals like Coachella in the US, or Download Festival in the UK. Most festivals worth their salt offer a high-quality camping experience, and this is something that only enhances the amazing experience of the festival in general. If the mud and rawness of camping is preventing you from experiencing the amazing music lineups of music festivals worldwide, maybe you need to break yourself in with a little bit of style by trying out one of the glamping options?

Don’t discount camping out though – there’s certainly a lot of DIY options you can use to boost your camping experiences. You can bring portable power showers that use the power of solar energy for a good clean. You can utilize high-quality cooking gear for decent food when you’re out in the sticks. Items like portable hot tubs are available so you can live out the dream in the middle of nowhere. There are even portable generators, so you can stay in touch, and stay entertained no matter where you are in the world! Technology has brought us plenty of ways to get the most of our outdoors experiences, even if we are just stuck in a tent.

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Glamping experiences can be found in most remote getaway destinations. Camping grounds are likely to offer chalets, huts, lodges and luxury caravans alongside their tent pitch spaces. You’ll be surprised at what you can find if you look for it – a double bed in the woods is a possibility, and even a plasma TV! There’s a lot to like about these luxury outdoors options. Some of these glamping possibilities can be cheaper than a city hotel – and offer you a more unique slice of life.

These type of experiences can really add to an outdoors holiday, and might lead to you jumping out of your comfort zone – which is only ever going to be a good thing. New horizons and experiences await, with the chance to create amazing memories thanks to glamping – which can be a real gateway into the outdoors world. There’s nothing like a night spent under the stars, but it’s normal to have your reservations. Glamping can be a gateway into a new lifestyle for you, and might lead to you enjoying the outdoors world a little bit more. What’s not to like about that?


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