Free Up Your Closet Space by Selling, Exchanging, or Donating Your Used Clothes

Donating Your Used Clothes

No room to put new clothes in your closet? If this is the case, don’t throw away your old ones! There are ways to get rid of your clothes without them ending up in the garbage bin. You can sell them online for extra cash, exchange them with other articles of clothing, or donate them to the needy. In this article, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide for each idea.


Selling and buying used clothes has become popular lately, especially among the waste-conscious crowd. The internet has made it easier to buy and sell used items online; in fact, it only takes three easy steps to start doing so.

  • Find a marketplace

You can do it the traditional way by having a yard sale every other weekend or you can hasten things up by creating an online shop for used clothes. There are so many sites available. Some are platforms to particular types of clothing, making it easy for you to sell certain items than belong to a niche market.

  • Upload photos and a description

Make sure you take quality photos of the items you plan to sell and write down a detailed description for the item. Doing so will help catch the attention of buyers.

  • Settle shipping and payment transaction concerns

Certain ecommerce platforms handle the transaction details, but if they don’t, it is best to find a secure payment method. Choosing a reliable shipping service also greatly reduces the chances of having lost items.


Swapping clothes is a fun way of getting rid of them. You can wave goodbye to something you don’t want, and might gain something you’ll love! The rules may vary from place to place but usually it’s one item for another. Here are two main ways of exchanging clothes:

  • Have a swap party

Swap parties is an event wherein a group of people bring out used clothes to be exchanged with each other. Rules can be decided amongst the people in the group as well.

  • Online swapping

You can trade clothes with others online. Sometimes after exchanging details, you may have to meet the person face-to-face, or if you are nowhere near each other, have it sent via delivery service.


If you find it too stressful to sell your clothes online and don’t feel like exchanging clothes with others, you can donate them to people who might need them.  Here are two ways of giving them away:

  • Drop off items at a facility

Giving your clothes to charitable organizations like Goodwill and The Salvation Army are ways to help people in need.  They usually have drop-off facilities in which you can leave things you want to donate there.

  • Post them online

Some charitable organizations have a service wherein you can post photos of items that you would like to donate. They match what you are donating with wish lists from other charities. That way, the item goes into the hands of the person who needs it. Excess Access is one of the few sites that do this.

Instead of throwing away your old clothes, you can use one of these ways to get rid of them. Through these methods, you can either make a quick buck, find a piece of clothing you’ll love, or help someone in need.


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