Choosing the Right Fasteners for Your Job

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There are different kinds of fasteners available in the market and most of them are used for the joining of two or more objects. These hardware components are also used for the non-permanent joining and people can fasten and unfasten these joints as per their needs without damaging the objects. But it is very difficult to choose the right fasteners for your work, and you need to check the measurement, length and head type of the fasteners according to the purpose of work. Earlier people used to install some fasteners made with rough iron. Now people mostly use the stainless steel fasteners and you can find various kinds of fasteners like screws, thumbscrews, button sockets, hex bolt, wood screws, threaded rods, lag bolts, carriage bolts, machine screws and steel metal screws made with stainless steel in the market.

How Could You Choose the Right Fasteners for Your Work?

There are so many fasteners out in the market that are available in different materials and you can avail from any of the fastener suppliers. But before you use them you need to check the head style of the fasteners like flat, oval, pan, truss, hex washer, slotted hex washer, button and round head style of the fasteners. These head styles of the fasteners mainly help you to fix the materials and you need to use some screwdrivers or spanners for fixing these materials with the fasteners.

  • Hex Bolt: Hex bolts are available in various size and shapes. These fasteners are mainly used for the construction sites, and people use these hex bolts for fixing or for fastening the structural designs of the construction project.
  • Wood Screws: These fasteners are designed with some coarse threads and these come with thick dimension. People now use these fasteners for designing and for making wooden and similar kind of furniture.
  • Socket Cap Screws: Those who are looking for some fasteners for joining their machines and heavy tools can use the socket screws. These are mainly used in machine and clamping. Apart from that, you can also find some machine screws available in the market, and these fasteners are designed, in same diameter. So you can also fix and join the machine component with these machine screws.
  • Lag Bolts: To connect the heavy lumbers and other heavy materials, you can use the lag bolt fasteners. These are the toughest types of screws, which can easily join and fix the different heavy component and can also bear the heavy loads.
  • Carriage Bolt: These fasteners are designed with rounded heads and square shoulder and you can use these fasteners for joining two or more wooden components.
  • Sheet Metal Screws: If you want to joint some thinner materials like metal sheet, plastic, wood or cupboard then you can use these small metal sheet screws for the same purposes.

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Tips to Choose the Best Fasteners:

Fasteners can be made with different grades and they can be designed using several materials like stainless steel fasteners, aluminum, bronze and brass fasteners, black oxide and hot dipped galvanized fasteners. Zinc, cadmium and cadmium dichromate coating fasteners are the best ones for every type of work, because they are corrosion-resistant. You can also use the galvanized or black zinc fasteners to prevent rust and corrosion.

You need to measure the fasteners according to its diameter, length and thread count. Thread count can be measured as per TPI or thread per inch, and you can measure the shaft of the screws to know the diameter. It has been noticed that small fasteners have finer thread count and people can also use different kinds of fasteners for the same purposes.


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