Property Makeover: Four Tips to Make Your Property Desirable to Tenants

Make Your Property Desirable curb appeal home

“Some people look for a beautiful place; others make a place beautiful.” -Hazrat Inayat Khan

In this time and age where an influx of individuals has come to the Philippine capital in droves, homeowners are presented with the unique opportunity of making it big in the housing market. Considering the sheer number of potential tenants alone, putting up your unit or homes for rent at a competitive price almost seems like a guarantee. After all, condo living has become rather rife in the main cities and metropolitans. However, there is just one snag: With Metro Manila replete with rental properties and the like, how do you make yours stand out? Moreover, how do you make sure that yours is the one that gets selected?

So, if you ever have properties in Park Terraces condo for rent or elsewhere, here are some failsafe tips to make sure your property would at least be considered by prospective tenants:

1.) Improve Curb Appeal

They say first impressions last, and in some cases, the first impression might be the only impression you make. With this in consideration, improving how your curb looks is paramount to making sure you get your prospective tenants to not only check your place but rent it out as well. Take a look at how the exteriors of your property look like. If they are subpar, your prospective tenants may not even want to come and take a look inside. So, spruce up your exteriors by removing any debris, applying fresh coats of paint and repairing anything that might be broken. Remember, eyesores could potentially cost you your deal.

2.) Make Your Property Neutral

If you want to reach a wider market, it is imperative to appeal to the masses. Do this by decorating your property in such a way that it would be attractive to everyone and not just to a particular group of people. To you, the pink living room and yellow kitchen might look ultra modern and chic, but your potential tenants might not necessarily think the same way. Stick to neutrals instead by incorporating grays, whites, and creams when it comes to paint colors.

3.) Upgrade and Update Your Bathrooms and Kitchens

The room that is  often initially checked out by prospective clients is either the kitchen or the bathroom. With this in mind, it would be imperative for you to consider upgrading and updating these two areas in your rental properties. However, there is no absolute need to completely remodel both areas in your home; you just have to make sure all of the fixtures in each are functioning property, appliances are well-maintained and more importantly, clean and organized.

4.) Know the Competition

It is important to know who your competition is for you to know what you are up against. Furthermore, make sure your property reaches a wider market by advertising it in all the platforms you can think of such as Facebook, Craigslist, etc. and do not only limit yourself to advertising on local newspapers and real estate offices. It would also help if you checked out rental properties similar to yours in terms of location, price, square footage and specifications. See what these rival properties are emphasizing and steer clear of what their emphasis is. Instead, look for a positive selling point in your rental property and build on that. Remember, every property has something special to offer. Make sure you highlight what yours is too.

Follow these four redecorating tips, and you are sure to attract potential tenants right away.


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